Very tasty lamb chumlama

Very tasty lamb chumlama

Very tasty hashlama from mutton is not a dream, but a reality. The origins of the dish go back to the oriental cuisine. To date, there is a wide variety of international variations of cooking hashlama. As for me, it is the Turkish recipe that combines a rich taste and aromatic broth. So let me tell you how quickly to prepare a hashlam.


  • bones of lamb with meat - 1 kilogram;
  • 1 large carrot (or two medium);
  • one middle head of onion;
  • potatoes - 1 kilogram;
  • salt and black ground pepper (to taste);
  • 1 cup of chick pea;
  • bay leaf - several leaves.

Hashlama from mutton in Turkish. Step-by-step recipe

  1. Khashlama from lamb at home is prepared very simply. Before you start cooking hashlama, take chickpeas and fill it with water, so that it is infused.
  2. After that, put the lamb in a saucepan and pour it with water: approximately, in the proportion of 1 to 3.
  3. We put it on an average fire, cover it with a lid and bring it to a boil. After that, remove the formed foam and continue to cook for another three hours to get a rich rich soup.
  4. At the end of this time, pour the chickpea into the pan and mix it, so that it does not start to burn. Cook it almost until ready.
  5. At this time, we begin to work with carrots. We clean it from the peel, thoroughly rinse and cut into large circles: about 1.5 centimeters wide. Pour the carrots into the broth and mix.
  6. Now we clean potatoes, we wash it. After cutting into large pieces: if the potato is medium in size, then divide it into 4 parts. Then we send after carrots and mix.
  7. We take the onion, we clean it. If you do not like it much, cut it in half, throw it into the water, cook it and take it out neatly. Thus, hashlama will receive the necessary taste and aroma. Or do it as I do: just slice the bulb in small pieces and send it to the broth. It is strongly boiled, therefore it is not strongly felt.
  8. After that, cook for another half an hour, and add salt to the broth. Then season everything with black ground pepper and lightly mix.
  9. Add a few leaves of laurel leaves, cook a few more minutes. Vegetables according to the recipe of hashlama from lamb meat should not just boil, but be boiled and give a certain color and turbidity to the broth.
  10. Khashlama is ready: we put it in bowls and serve it on the table.

Tips for cooking hashlama.

  • For this Turkish recipe, you should definitely use mutton meat. Many try to replace it with pork or beef, as they are afraid for a specific smell. However, it is for this technology that lamb will have a fragrant smell of spices: so you can not worry.
  • Meat should be divided into pieces of large size and put them in a pan with the greasy side to the bottom. Then the fat will be allocated more intensively.
  • Meat should boil on low heat, and then you need to remove the lid and cook for a few more hours.

A very fragrant and rich soup will please your whole family. Serve it hot, in a nice container. Instead of bread, it is better to serve national pastries: lavash or flat cake. By the way, their recipes you can find on the site "I love to cook." Bon Appetit!

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