The most delicious cheese soup

The most delicious cheese soup

I wanted to please my family with an unusual soup? The most delicious cheese soup will help you out and diversify the everyday menu. Seductively mouth-watering, hearty, tender soup does not take long to prepare: it is prepared simply and fairly quickly. A stunning aroma of soup with melted cheese will not leave anyone indifferent, I fell in love with him from the first spoon. The recipe for soup with melted cheese is very simple, and even malicious "non-lovers" of first courses will appreciate the wonderful taste. If you try it, you will cook it often.



  • white bread - 2-3 slices;
  • vegetable oil;
  • salt;
  • Processed cheese - 2 pieces;
  • potatoes - 4 pieces;
  • carrots - 1 piece;
  • onion - 1 piece;
  • chicken leg - 2 pieces;
  • water - 2.5 liters;
  • black ground pepper to taste.

The most delicious cheese soup. Step-by-step recipe

  1. To make the most delicious cheese soup, we need a saucepan (I use a three-liter pan).
  2. In the prepared pan, pour in water (according to the prescription).
  3. A pan of water is sent to the stove.
  4. Two chicken legs are well washed and sent to a pot of water. We leave, let the broth cook.
  5. Council. I really like it if you use fresh chicken meat for a cheese soup, and not frozen. After all, the chicken's meat is very tender - and during defrosting it loses its flavor.
  6. In the meantime, while the broth is being brewed, let's prepare the rusks for cheese soup.
  7. White bread cut into cubes (cubes of bread cut into small pieces, but not large).
  8. Tip: you can use not only white bread to make breadcrumbs for cheese soup, but also perfect slices of a loaf.
  9. Cubes of white bread sent to the baking tray.
  10. A tray with diced bread is sent to a slow fire in the oven and dried for about 30 minutes. The cooking time depends on your oven, but it is necessary that the croutons are completely dry.
  11. Potatoes are well washed under running water and peeled.
  12. Tip: if you want to get a cheese soup thick in consistency, then use large-sized potatoes. But I do not really like it when the soup is very thick, so I use medium potatoes.
  13. Peeled potatoes cut into cubes.
  14. One onion (I like it when there are a lot of onions in cheese soup, so I use a large onion) for the soup we clean it from the peel, mine and finely shred with a knife.
  15. We rub one carrot on a large grater.
  16. Ready chicken legs are removed from the broth and finely chopped.
  17. In the chicken broth we lower the prepared potatoes and cook for 15 minutes.
  18. In the frying pan pour the vegetable oil and send it to the stove to warm up.
  19. Fry in vegetable oil prepared onions and grated carrots until golden brown.
  20. Cut the two melted cheese cubes into small cubes (if you cut the cheese into large cubes, then it will dissolve much longer in the soup).
  21. Теперь добавляем в суп нарезанное мясо, лук с морковью, соль и black ground pepper to taste. Все содержимое кастрюли перемешиваем.
  22. Constantly stirring, cook the most delicious cheese soup until the syrkov is completely dissolved.
  23. Spicy cheese soup is served on the table with rusks and fresh herbs. Dry bread must be put in a cheese soup before serving on the table so that they do not melt and are crunchy.
  24. Council. I really like it if you use fresh parsley for cheese soup. And you can take any greens.

The awesome cheesy soup has an amazing taste. Aromatic crackers give it a special piquancy. For a minimal amount of time, a bowl of hot divine soup will decorate your table. Try to make a cheese soup for this recipe at least once - and it will become a frequent guest in your kitchen. My relatives are just delighted with cheese soup, and I really like it - simply, quickly, easily and deliciously. On "Very tasty" you will find many interesting step-by-step recipes, as you can quickly and easily prepare a delicious soup.

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