Green borsch with eggs

Green borsch with eggs

A good alternative to the classic recipe for cooking traditional borscht, which is usually cooked with cabbage and tomatoes, is a green borsch with eggs. It is not only delicious, but also very useful dish, filled with a lot of vitamins, because the main ingredients in the recipe for a green borscht with egg is all kinds of greens. Such a first course can be prepared both on traditional meat or chicken broth, and on water, while becoming very light and refreshing, while it can be served on the table in a cooled form.

Today we will consider the recipe of green borscht with raw eggs on a meat broth.



  • 200 grams of beef or pork pulp;
  • 3 small potatoes;
  • 100 grams of sorrel;
  • 100 grams of green onions;
  • a small bunch of dill;
  • a small bunch of parsley;
  • 2 liters of water;
  • 1 egg.


  1. Crush (cut) pre-prepared meat and dip into a pan of water (2 liters), put on a medium-heat fire.
  2. While the broth is brewed, it is necessary to peel the potatoes and cut into small blocks.
  3. Wash greens (sorrel, onion, dill and parsley) and chop it.
  4. When the soup boils, add it. When the broth is ready, pour the potatoes.
  5. Smash the egg into a separate container and whisk with whisk.
  6. When the potatoes reach the ready, slowly pour it into the broth.
  7. At the end, add all the greens and cook for 5-7 minutes.

Borsch is ready.

As for the egg, it can be cooked beforehand into a steep and added to the borsch when served to the table in a crushed form. This is someone who loves it. A green borsch is served with an egg, cooked on a meat broth, in a hot form, while it is customary to serve sour cream.

"I love to cook" wishes you a pleasant appetite! And be sure to try a green borsch without meat and a green borsch with tomato.

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