Georgian chihirtma

Georgian Chihirtma

Georgian soup chihirtma is the national dense first dish on meat broth. It has several features: it does not add vegetables and cereals (as a basis), thickener - corn flour, there is an addition of whipped yolks, which give a cream yellow color. Prepare chihirthmu starting with broth chicken, less often from mutton. This soup has Persian roots, from where it spread throughout the world. In Georgian families, the recipe for chihirts and the secrets of cooking are inherited. The dish is very nutritious and has a calming effect on irritated with alcohol consumption or stomach overeating due to sour taste.


How to cook chihirtm in Georgian?


  • bird: chicken or turkey - 750 grams;
  • fresh greens of cilantro, parsley, dill, green onions - 100-150 grams;
  • egg yolk - 1 piece;
  • lemon juice - half a cup;
  • cornmeal - two tablespoon;
  • mixture of peppers with peas - 10 pieces;
  • salt - to taste;
  • tuberculosis - 3 leaflets.

The Georgian Chihirtm. Step-by-step recipe

  1. We wash the bird, dry it, cut it into medium pieces. Pour 2 liters of water, cook for an hour, adding peas of pepper and bay leaf. Be sure to remove the foam to get rid of the bitterness.
  2. After the broth is cooked, filter it, take out the meat, remove the skin and bones from it, cut the meat very, very finely.
  3. Fry the meat in a pan, salt. For frying, you can take both sunflower oil and fat, formed by a film on the broth.
  4. For flour filling, fill the flour with half a glass of broth, mix thoroughly until the lumps disappear completely.
  5. Grind a mixture of fresh greens to a consistency of crumb with a wide flat knife.
  6. We combine the flour filling in a pan with the rest of the broth, add the greens and cook for five minutes.
  7. Lemon juice is beaten with egg until the bubbles appear, we interpose the warm (cooled) broth, pour the egg-lemon dressing into the broth, cook for another five minutes over low heat, do not boil.
  8. For feeding, put the meat of poultry in the center of the plate, then fill it with broth.
  9. You can decorate the dish by sprinkling it with chopped greens and a slice of lemon, and here the chihirtma is ready in Georgian!

Tips for preparing a chihartmu skillfully

Chihirtma Georgian, despite the seeming complexity and general cooking time, is a dish that can be cooked right right the first time. To do this, just follow a few rules.

  • Do not boil the soup when you have already added an egg-sour dressing, otherwise the yolk will curl up and white flakes will float on the surface of your soup, looking like pieces of fat that will not be quite appetizing.
  • Do not add flour to the boiling broth, but generally to a common pan, otherwise lumps will go. In order to avoid such an outcome, stir the flour in a separate container with a small amount of warm broth.
  • Instead of lemon juice, you can add vinegar.
  • Citric acid is added in order to prevent the egg from clotting in the soup.
  • No cornmeal - add wheat.
  • Can not you cook? Internet inquiries "chihirtma by Georgian recipe", "chihirtma recipe with a photo" will save you.

This dish is very tasty and satisfying, so that unexpected guests will feed on five with a plus! "I love to cook" wishes you a pleasant appetite! We recommend you pay attention to the preparation of Thai soup and garlic soup.

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