Vitamin beet salad with nuts and pineapple

Vitamin beet salad with nuts and pineapple

Vitamin beet salad with nuts and pineapple is a delicate snack with an interesting slightly sweet taste, which will not leave anyone indifferent. Soft silky structure of beet puree, with accents from walnuts - a perfect combination that will complement and diversify any festive table.


  • beets - 500 grams;
  • pineapple, canned rings - 3 rings;
  • walnuts - 30 grams;
  • mayonnaise - 1 tablespoon;
  • black ground pepper - to taste;
  • salt - to taste.

Vitamin beet salad with nuts and pineapple. Step-by-step recipe

  1. Red sweet beets of small size should be washed well and wrapped in foil.
  2. We put the vegetables baked in a preheated oven for an hour and a half: until ready.
  3. Council. You can also boil the red beets in a saucepan, filling with hot water. When cooking beets for salads, you need to follow that she had tails. They do not need to break off - otherwise the juice will flow into the water. To make salads, you need to choose a red beetroot: I do not see - and, preferably, sweet.
  4. Cooked beets, cooled and grinded with a grater with small holes or a blender. You should have a beetroot mash.
  5. Several washers of pickled pineapples are also ground with a knife into very small cubes.
  6. Walnuts need to be dried in the oven, chopped or kneaded in a blender.
  7. Council. If you want to feel in the salad a solid structure of nuts, then they can be crushed with a rolling pin. To do this, put the nuts in a plastic bag and roll them several times with a rolling pin.
  8. Now we mix all the ingredients of our lean beetroot salad: beetroot, pineapple, nuts, and mayonnaise. You can also use sour cream as a dressing. Salad is salted, if desired - pepper. And carefully mix everything.
  9. Ready beet salad with nuts laid out in portioned salads. To serve such a snack should be well chilled.

If you still have boiled and baked beets, you can prepare another salad.

  • We rub boiled beets on a special grater for cooking carrots in Korean. Beets should be in the form of a long, thin "vermicelli".
  • Add finely chopped garlic (a pair of denticles).
  • Shredded, preheated in the oven walnuts, also add to the salad.
  • Dried fruits: that is, dried apricots, prunes and light raisins, soaked in cold water, then doused with boiling water and also cut into cubes of small sizes. We take the quantity of dried fruits to taste. It is desirable to choose apricots are not sweet: as sweetness in the salad will give beets, and the task of dried apricots is to add acid sour. Prunes are better to choose, the one that smells of smoke: it will give the dish a certain piquancy.
  • We mix our ingredients and dress the beetroot salad with mayonnaise.
  • When serving, you can decorate with parsley.

There is another easy recipe for a wonderful beetroot salad.

  • For him it is necessary to grate the beetroot on a large grater and lay the first layer in a salad bowl. Then make the mayonnaise grid.
  • The next layer: marinated cucumbers, cut into small cubes. And again we make a mayonnaise grid. Each layer of our salad we do not forget to cover with mayonnaise.
  • On cucumbers, put the diced onions into small cubes, then cover with mayonnaise.
  • The next layer of lettuce: chopped, boiled eggs, which are watered with mayonnaise net.
  • And the top layer is grated hard cheese.
  • We decorate such a wonderful salad of beets with parsley leaves.
  • After the salad is infused and soaked, it can be served on the table.

Beet contains a lot of vitamins and nutrients. Salads made from it are delicious and have a wonderful saturated color. Prepare beet salads at least every day - it's very cool. And learn the recipes of salads on our website "I love to cook".

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