Very tasty lean salad

Very tasty lean salad

During the Lent in our family often prepare lenten dishes, I suggest you also prepare a delicious lean salad. Salad of fresh vegetables - a storehouse of vitamins in the early spring. Crispy fresh vegetables, fragrant greens and sweet canned corn are the simple ingredients of this wonderful salad for every day.


  • Tomatoes - 2 pieces;
  • cucumber - 1 piece;
  • cabbage Peking - the third part of a small head;
  • greens onions - 50 grams;
  • canned corn - 200 grams (or half-cans);
  • sweet sweet pepper - 1 piece;
  • vegetable oil - 3 tablespoons;
  • salt - to taste;
  • black pepper powder - to taste.

Very tasty lean salad. Step-by-step recipe

  1. In a salad bowl of medium size, cut vegetables.
  2. Pine cabbage is cut into strips 3-4 mm thick.
  3. Cucumber is cut into thin strips.
  4. Council. Fresh cucumber, bought in early spring, is better to peel off: as, in a peel contains a considerable quantity of nitrates. In general, all spring vegetables should be soaked for several hours in cold water before use - then pour out this water.
  5. Tomatoes are cut into small cubes: after washing and cleaning from the peduncle.
  6. We remove the sweet Bulgarian pepper from seeds and also cut into strips.
  7. We chop the green onions finely: you can go a little obliquely - from this ring will get a beautiful oval shape and will have a beautiful view in the salad.
  8. Canned corn is decanted from the liquid and added to a bowl with the rest of the vegetables. I choose corn soft and sweet - it is more delicious in salads.
  9. All vegetables for lean salad a little podsalivaem: you can lightly pepper black pepper.

By the way, pepper will have a more vivid flavor and smack if it is slightly warmed. To do this, pour a little pepper into the dry frying pan and heat it over medium heat, stirring occasionally. Then peas black pepper wrapped in parchment paper and roll with a rolling pin - now the pepper is ready for use in a variety of dishes.

  1. We fill our salad with Bulgarian pepper, tomatoes and cucumber lean oil: you can take the usual sunflower oil.

For salad dressing, I prefer unrefined oils: because, they are more saturated with taste and aroma. You can also use extra virgin olive oil.

  1. In the dressing for salad, you can add a teaspoon of mustard: moreover, for salads, the usual mustard, and cereal, will suit. You can season salad with soy sauce: from this it will have a somewhat Asian flavor. Salads can also be slightly acidified with lemon juice or balsamic vinegar. It is not superfluous in the dressing to vegetable salads and honey: it helps to reveal the taste qualities of vegetables.
  2. And the last chord in any dressing for salads are herbs. And you can take both dry and fresh leaves of fragrant herbs. For cabbage salads, ginger, fennel, basil, celery and coriander are suitable. The taste of salads from tomatoes opens dill, parsley, rosemary, cumin, tarragon and, of course, basil. And to salads, which include cucumber, fennel and parsley, thyme and sweet pepper are excellent.

Any vegetable salad, even the most common, will become a real work of art, if it is properly refilled.

  1. Very good in vegetable, especially lean salads, add seeds: flax, sesame and even pumpkin seeds. Only all seeds need to be dried in the oven well or a little fry in a pan: then they will have a more pronounced taste.
  2. In order to diversify the diet during the Lent, you can make salads from grilled vegetables: for example, from pepper, tomato, zucchini and eggplant. And, although these vegetables are also off-season, but sometimes you can pamper yourself with delicious. For this, on a hot grill, pour a little vegetable oil and put chopped squash and eggplants, slices of sliced ​​tomatoes. Pepper and cut into slices. When the vegetables are browned on both sides, they are removed, slightly podvyamivayut and warm season. For refueling, you need to suppress a couple of cloves of garlic, fragrant herbs, a little black ground pepper and a few spoons of vegetable oil. With this mixture, pour the grilled vegetables and serve them to the table.

Council. In order to feel the taste of garlic, but after eating there was no unpleasant smell, you can not add garlic to the dressing, but simply grease a clove of garlic with a clean plate, on which you will spread the vegetables. Piquant taste will remain - but the smell after eating will be absent.

But most importantly, always remember the most important rule of cooking any dish - everything needs to be cooked with love. And then, even the most ordinary dish, will become extraordinarily tasty. And you can always see new recipes on our website "I love cooking".

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