The recipe for lavash roll is delicious and simple

The recipe for lavash roll is delicious and simple

I suggest a recipe for lavash roll - it's tasty and easy to cook, everyone likes it without exception. Wand - a rescue in any life situations: an excellent breakfast, a snack, a festive dish in a hurry. From thin lavash, using various fillings (I'll tell you about them necessarily) and different ways of cooking, you get a lot of original snacks. Fried lavash rolls with filling are enjoyed with pleasure by my whole family: for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Lavash roll, baked in the oven, became an original snack for the holiday (from the table they dared in a matter of minutes). Do you want to prepare a lot of simple, tasty, satisfying and beautiful dishes quickly and with a minimum of expenses? Then let's begin.



  • thin lavash of rectangular shape;
  • 100 grams of Peking cabbage;
  • fresh cucumber;
  • 250 grams of boiled sausage, ham or boiled meat;
  • 100 grams of cheese of solid varieties;
  • mayonnaise;
  • vegetable oil for frying.

Lavash roll with ham. Step-by-step recipe

  1. Lubricate mayonnaise with lavash, divide it (visually) into 4 parts.
  2. Pine cabbage thinly sliced ​​and spread from the top (the first share). Add to it finely chopped cucumber. This stuffing for a roll is basic, do not regret it. (For a better juiciness, mix the filling with mayonnaise).
  3. A small amount of grated cheese is mixed with sliced ​​small pieces of sausage (can be replaced with ham or boiled chicken) spread on the second part of the roll.
  4. Cheese, grated on a large grater, sprinkle the rest of the piece of pita bread.
  5. Roll off the roll starting from the place where the vegetables lie (but first turn the edges, like a shawarma).
  6. Fry it from two sides in a frying pan with preheated vegetable oil (I take sunflower oil).
  7. The filling for lavash can be absolutely any. Ready-made rolls do not need to be fried - just simply refrigerate for several hours to impregnate (before this wrap in foil). Here are just some variants of the filling for rolls without roasting:
  • смешать два измельченных вареных яйца, 200 грамм натертого на крупной терке плавленого сыра, 250 грамм порезанных кубиками крабовых палочек, по пучку зеленого укропа и лука, mayonnaise; все хорошо перемешать и нанести тонким слоем на лаваш;
  • chopped dill and parsley (0.5 bunch each), add cream cheese (200 grams) to grated cheese on a shallow grater, mix and grease lavash leaf; on top lay out pieces of red fish (200 grams - smoked or salted).
  • two boiled eggs and 125 grams of hard cheese grate on a coarse grater, mix with finely chopped herbs (2 tablespoons parsley and feathers with 1 onion), with cod liver (oil pre-drained, and chop the fork with a fork), mayonnaise; Add salt and pepper to taste;
  • on a sheet of lavash smeared with mayonnaise, distribute: rubbed eggs on a small grater, grated cucumber on a large grater, slices of lightly salted salmon, grated cheese on a large grater, parsley greens;
  • grease pita bread with a mixture of grated eggs and cheese, chopped garlic and mayonnaise.

Of all the different ways of cooking lavash dishes, I like the most: lavash is cut into 4 parts, for each apply stuffing, folded with an envelope, dipped into an egg and quickly fried in vegetable oil until golden. It turns out very juicy, does not fall apart, it is tasty to eat both hot and cold. I suggest variants of a stuffing (products we take by eye, all depends on your taste preferences):

  • grated cheese, crushed boiled eggs, chopped greens;
  • potatoes - mashed potatoes, half sausages, some carrots in Korean style;
  • cut ham bran (or boiled meat), pieces of salted cucumber, grated cheese and greens;
  • mashed potatoes with fried onions, a bunch of green onions, salt and pepper to taste;
  • печеночный паштет, нарезанный кружочками толщиной в 1 сантиметр (1 кусочек - 1 пирожок), тертый сыр и mayonnaise;
  • boiled chicken fillet, grated hard cheese, tomatoes and greens mixed with a small amount of mayonnaise;
  • a mixture of greens and grated cheese;
  • обжаренные с луком грибы, ветчина, тертый сыр, зелень и mayonnaise;
  • boiled and pounded beans (as on puree), fried onions and carrots, salt, pepper, spices, any greens (if a thick filling can add a little butter);
  • chicken fillet, boiled with spices, canned sweet corn, grated cheese, green salad, a bunch of green onions, sour cream and tomato sauce (can ketchup), spices.

Rolls of pita bread can be taken for a picnic, for work (warmed up in a microwave - and a delicious dinner is ready) or on the road. Fried roulette to serve as a hot breakfast. Recipes are not limited to fillings, like your imagination. The site "Very tasty" wishes you a pleasant appetite and invites you for new recipes.

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