The most delicious liver cake

The most delicious liver cake

A very beautiful spectacular snack, which looks great on any festive table - the most delicious liver cake. To cook absolutely any liver: beef, pork, chicken - and the liver, as you know, is a very useful product. Hepatic cake is a very hearty snack, and at the same time relatively inexpensive. Hepatic cake is obtained high, multilayered, very beautiful in the cut. Delicate pancakes made from liver are ideally combined with fried vegetables, creamy garlic sauce and fresh herbs.


  • 900 grams of any liver;
  • one large onion;
  • 200 milliliters of milk;
  • 200-250 grams of flour;
  • 5 fresh chicken eggs;
  • 5 tablespoons of vegetable oil;
  • salt, pepper, nutmeg - to taste.


  • 3 large carrots;
  • 3 large heads of onions;
  • 200 grams of fresh mushrooms;
  • 50 grams of butter;
  • 200 grams of mayonnaise;
  • 200 grams of butter;
  • garlic.

For decoration:

  • 4-5 hard-boiled eggs;
  • greenery;
  • fresh tomatoes.

The most delicious liver cake. Step-by-step recipe

  1. To use less oil when frying liver pancakes, it is advisable to use a pan with non-stick coating.
  2. First you need to prepare a dough for liver pancakes.
  3. To do this, you need to pass the liver in a meat grinder or grind it with a blender.
  4. Council. I will cook from chicken liver, but you can take pork or beef. If you scroll the liver on a meat grinder, then take the grate with the smallest holes.
  5. Further in the same bowl you need to grind one large onion: just let it through the meat grinder.
  6. We chopped the liver and onions, beat the raw eggs there, poured in salt, pepper and nutmeg, all thoroughly mixed until homogeneous.
  7. Pour into the mass of milk, stir, and in small portions, pour flour, kneading the dough to consistency, like pancakes.
  8. Add the vegetable oil to the ready dough and mix again well.
  9. If you want the mass to be more uniform, pierce it with a submerged blender.
  10. We leave to the stove to fry the pancakes.
  11. We set the frying pan on the stove, warm it well, reduce the fire to medium and proceed to frying the pancakes.
  12. Pour into the frying pan full ladle of liver dough and within one minute fry pancake on medium heat on one side.
  13. Lightly fry it from the second side and shift it to the plate.
  14. Out of this amount of test I got 15 pancakes.
  15. And while the pancakes are cooling down, we will prepare a vegetable filling for our cake.
  16. To do this, cut the onion into a medium cube and add it to a bowl.
  17. We rub the carrot on a large grater and put it into a separate bowl.
  18. Mushrooms cut into small cubes (I have pickled mushrooms, but you can take any mushrooms, fresh, frozen or even cook stuffing without them). Instead of mushrooms you can use pickled cucumbers.
  19. We shift the chopped mushrooms into a separate bowl and go to the stove to fry all the vegetables.
  20. We install the frying pan on the stove and warm it well.
  21. Pour a little vegetable oil and add a slice of creamy.
  22. We pour the onion into the frying pan and, stirring occasionally, fry it until slightly golden in color.
  23. As soon as the onion starts to be roasted, pour the mushrooms into the pan and fry along with onions for a few minutes.
  24. Then add the carrots, lightly reduce the heat, mix well and stew our vegetables until the carrot is soft.
  25. Vegetables are extinguished, carrots are soft - and now you can salt and add pepper.
  26. Once again, mix the vegetables and put them into a separate bowl, so that they cool well.
  27. Pancakes and vegetable filling are ready and, while they cool, prepare the sauce.
  28. For this, in a separate bowl we grind garlic: it can be squeezed through a press or grated on a small grater.
  29. To garlic, add cream cheese, mayonnaise, a little salt and pepper.
  30. Council. The recipe for making cream cheese at home is available on our website "Very tasty".
  31. Mix the mass until uniform.
  32. The sauce is ready, we set it aside and prepare decorations for our cake.
  33. In pre-cooked eggs, we separate the proteins from the yolks.
  34. We rub on the fine grater proteins and in a separate bowl of yolks.
  35. Very finely chop the greens, which must be washed and dried in advance.
  36. All products are prepared, and it's time to start assembling the cake.
  37. We take a plate on which we will serve our cake and lay it layer by layer: pancake, lightly grease it with sauce and spread a full tablespoon of vegetable filling. Evenly distribute it across the surface of the pancake.
  38. On top again we put pancake, sauce and vegetable filling.
  39. In this sequence, we collect the whole cake.
  40. On top of the cake covered with the last pancake, lightly pressed, greased with its sauce first from the side, and then from above.
  41. We decorate the cake at our discretion.
  42. I laid out the center of the cake with an egg yolk, along the edge with boiled protein, sprinkled the sides with chopped herbs, and laid the roses, cut from tomatoes, over the cake.
  43. It remains to decorate with leaves of parsley.
  44. We remove the finished cake in the refrigerator for a couple of hours, so that it is well soaked.

This snack is not only delicious, but also very satisfying. Hepatic cake looks great on the festive table, and can also diversify the daily menu. More recipes for dishes from offal products, see our website "Very tasty". Bon Appetit.

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