The most crunchy crackers to salads

The most crunchy crackers to salads, soups and broths

There are a huge number of different dishes, in which crispy crisps are added before serving. It can be salads, soups, broths. I really like these dishes, they turn out to be unusual and very tasty. In addition, my family loves and just gnaw a crunchy snack, so the crackers in our house are always there. But in purchased breadcrumbs there are a lot of harmful additives, so it's better to cook crispy croutons yourself. I'll tell you two ways. Shall we proceed?


For the first method:

  • bread;
  • olive oil;
  • тимьян;

For the second method:

  • bread;
  • vegetable oil;
  • тимьян.

The crunchiest crunches to salads, soups and broths. Step-by-step cooking

  1. The first way of cooking: the first thing to do is cut the bread into small cubes. You can take any bread: white, black, gray - it does not matter. But it is desirable that it does not crumble, otherwise it will be difficult to cut. Quantity, too, choose yourself. It all depends on how much you need crackers.
  2. I usually use a white threaded loaf. It is soft and does not crumble. First we cut the plates, then the straw, then cut into cubes.
  3. Take a large container to make it comfortable to mix. Put our cubes in it.
  4. Now you need to pour the bread with olive oil. Add a little. For half a bar, 2-3 tablespoons of oil will be enough.
  5. Sprinkle thyme on the next biscuits. In addition to thyme, you can use any other seasonings. For example, if you add red hot peppers - there will be an excellent appetizer for frothy drinks!
  6. Now mix well.
  7. Take a baking sheet, cover it with baking paper (do not lubricate with oil) and pour the bread pieces. Spread across the baking tray so that the squares lie in one layer - so they are better baked.
  8. We send the biscuits to the oven and bake at a temperature of 180 degrees until they turn golden.
  9. Transfer the snack into a beautiful bowl, and you can try. Agree, the first method is very simple. Now let's try the second one and determine which is better.
  10. Take the frying pan, pour the vegetable oil, sprinkle it with thyme and / or other seasonings.
  11. We pour the chopped bread into the frying pan, fry until golden brown.
  12. Done!

Crackers are added to salads, soups, broths, or you can eat simply as a snack to foam drinks or chew while watching a movie. If you add breadcrumbs to a dish, they should be poured in before use so that they do not get wet and make the dish into porridge. As you can see, you can cook the most crunchy breadcrumbs in two ways: in the oven or in a frying pan. Prepare for relatives, crunch together and more often look at the site "Very tasty", we still have a lot of great recipes! Bon Appetit!

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