Stuffed eggs with shrimps

Stuffed eggs with shrimps

This light and delicate appetizer will create a wonderful festive mood. In addition to eggs and shrimps, the home recipe uses only mayonnaise, so all the emphasis in this dish should be given to shrimps. It is better to pick up large shrimps for snacks, so that they look spectacular and impressive, or two or three small ones, for each half of the egg. The filling for the dish from eggs can be made more flavorful by adding a bit of grated cheese to the yolk, as well as chopped dill greens. This appetizer will surprise you with its delicate taste. See step-by-step preparation of stuffed eggs with shrimps with photos, try to prepare for this holiday a simple but tasty snack. For lovers of seafood this dish should be especially liked.

Ingredients for cooking stuffed eggs with shrimps

Eggs 5 pieces
Boiled shrimps 100-200 grams
Mayonnaise 2-3 sec.
Fennel greens taste
Salt taste

Step-by-step preparation of stuffed eggs with shrimps with photos

  1. Boiled eggs, clean and cut along. Halves should be the same.
  2. Fry the yolks, add the mayonnaise, just enough so that the mass turned out soft and tender, but not liquid. You can use a blender. Try to taste, salt. If desired, you can finely chop dill and add to the filling. He will add a fresh flavor to the snack.
  3. Fill the halves with halves of proteins. The filling, produced from a confectionery syringe, looks beautiful.
  4. Peel the boiled shrimp.
  5. If the shrimp is large, put it in the center of the stuffing, a little dipping it. Decorate, for example, with crushed green onions and parsley. Or decorate with a sprig of dill.
  6. If the shrimp are small, put two or three pieces on top of the stuffing.

Stuffed eggs can be served on a dish decorated with lettuce leaves. Bon Appetit!

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