Quick light-salted cucumber

Quick light-salted cucumber

Quick light-salted cucumbers - this is the dream of any hostess. Agree, because no holiday table can do without delicious and crunchy pickles. A year ago I was visiting my elder sister, and on the table I saw such lightly salted cucumbers. They were always my weakness: especially if they kept their natural freshness. After trying cucumbers, I did not immediately believe that they are pickled. I was convinced only after I saw the jar, where the cucumbers were kept. The natural crunch and incredible sweet and salty taste won my heart. Try and you: I'm sure - instant cucumbers will make an impression.


  • fresh cucumbers - 1,5 kg;
  • 2 tablespoons of salt;
  • black pepper peas - 10 pieces;
  • one and a half liters of water;
  • a couple of large garlic heads;
  • cherry, currant leaves;
  • horseradish leaves (you can use a peeled root);
  • inflorescence of dill;
  • a teaspoon of sugar.

Quick light-salted cucumbers. Step-by-step recipe

Preparation of lightly salted cucumbers is a very easy and simple process, and most importantly: in a short time you can get your favorite pickles.

  1. Prepare a jar of 3 liters. Also find a nylon cap so that it can then be closed with freshly salted cucumbers with boiling water. Take soda and thoroughly wash the jar with it: to make it sterile clean.
  2. Prepare brine for quick cucumber in the jar. Pour into a pot of water: a half liter of water - this is the norm for pickling a three-liter can of cucumbers.
  3. Turn on the hotplate, and put the saucepan with water on it. Add salt and a little sugar to the water.
  4. After that, cover the pan with a lid and bring the consistency to a boil.
  5. We take horseradish leaves or cut root, we put cans on the bottom.
  6. Then bend the sprigs of dill and shove after horseradish. We also do the same with currant and cherry leaves. Before you put them in a jar, be sure to rinse so that dirt and microbes do not get on cucumbers.
  7. Pour a few peas of black pepper.
  8. We brush the garlic and cut its segments in half, so that the juice and aroma are better. We add it to the jar.
  9. We take fresh cucumbers, we thoroughly wash them. Now you need to cut off the ends on each side.
  10. After we lay them on twigs in the jar. We do this carefully, so that cucumbers lie tightly one on the other.
  11. After half the capacity is filled, repeat the layer of twigs. It is necessary that the pickled cucumbers in the jar quickly and evenly soaked in spices.
  12. Then again take the cucumbers and lay them to the end of the jar.
  13. To the top also lay the leaves of horseradish, dill and currant.
  14. Now take the pickle. He must quit and stand for five minutes. Remember: it is strongly recommended not to pour hot cucumbers with steep boiling water.
  15. Fill with brine. It should be noted that the jar needs to be filled to the very top. Then we close the jar with a cap nylon. We leave the jar for 24 hours to stand at room temperature: you can leave it on the kitchen table. Thus, we will prepare lightly salted cucumbers to eat them in a day. A jar of cucumbers must be stored in the refrigerator: keep in mind that every day they will become more salty

Tips and advice on cooking lightly salted cucumbers.

There are several tricks how to pickle cucumbers at home, so that they have an incredible taste and a pleasant crunch.

  1. Before using cucumbers, they should be soaked for three hours in clean cold water: then they will become more elastic and crispy. But, remember: thus it is impossible to bring back to life sluggish vegetables, although many are mistaken in this.
  2. To ensure that the cucumbers in the bank for one day became crispy, do not put too much densely with the jar. Leave some space to absorb the brine well.
  3. By the way, so that cucumbers absorb the aroma of spices better, it is best to place them in a jar vertically.
  4. You can save time by not cutting off the tips of the vegetables: as they are completely soaked.
  5. Cucumbers must be thoroughly rinsed to get rid of dirt and bacteria. Agree - these are extra ingredients.
  6. To ensure that lightly salted cucumbers in a can, cooked in one day, stand as long as possible, fill them with cold brine and store in the refrigerator. Low temperature slows down the fermentation process.
  7. It is better to choose small cucumbers that are not yellow. Excellent for pickling, if cucumbers with pimples and not bitter.

Well, we got acquainted with the recipe for quick lightly salted cucumbers. They are incredibly delicious and crunch pleasantly, preserving the characteristics of fresh vegetables. They can be used as slicers, snacks, as an ingredient in a salad on your festive table. On the culinary site "I Love to Cook" you can watch a video of cooking cucumbers - and find other interesting recipes.

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