Methods of drying mushrooms

Methods of drying mushrooms

My dear, I want to tell you how to dry mushrooms at home! All of them are proven, and if the recommendations are followed, the mushrooms will be well kept, and have a wonderful aroma!

  • Fresh not wormy mushrooms (white, podberezoviki, boletus, oil) clean and cut into thin slices, spread on white paper and put dry in a strong sun.
  • You can dry mushrooms and in a moderately warm oven at a temperature of no higher than 50 ° C degrees. Let the oven door be ajar to let out humid air, and of course so the mushrooms will dry out better.
  • You can still dry threaded on a thread in a sunny and well-ventilated place.
  • Well dried mushrooms put in a bag of cloth and hang in a dry and cold place, the temperature of which is not higher than 7-10 ° C.
  • Note: a well and properly dried mushroom should not crumble, but if it is heavier it will break. If the mushroom is over-dried it crumbles, and breaks down with a light touch. A well-dried mushroom has a flavor twice as strong as fresh.
  • Do not store mushrooms with products that have a strong flavor, because fungi tend to absorb the otherworldly smell.

All these ways of drying mushrooms are gorgeous and taken from an old book. Do not be afraid to apply in practice, because they have a long history of use.

Delicious to you blanks, and a pleasant appetite!

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