Light snacks in a hurry

Light snacks in a hurry

Light snacks in haste are ideal for meeting unexpected guests or for an easy family snack. Spend just 20 minutes of your valuable time - and stunning rolls with cheese will decorate your table. The male half of those present you will be pleasantly surprised, because a hot, baked snack from puff pastry, perfectly suits beer. I would say that this appetizer is cooked in Spanish manner, because during the cooking we will use the real national dish of Spain - jamon. Stunning taste of hot snacks simply reduces sum.

I propose to prepare a light snack together with "I love to cook" and you will see for yourself that it is easier, easier and tastier snacks.


  • coin - york;
  • cheese for sandwich - keso;
  • finished puff pastry;
  • one egg.

Light snacks in a hurry. Step-by-step recipe

  1. The finished raw puff dough is divided into more or less proportional and uniform squares (such a dough can be bought in any store or supermarket), then you can form a roll from the square.
  2. For the preparation of snacks we will use jamon (the name is translated as "ham" and has a jamon incredible taste, such a delicacy is available on a free sale).
  3. As for cheese, for this appetizer, the Ceso cheese is ideal (this cheese has a fairly salty taste, moderately pungent, pleasant aroma and becomes soft when heated, which is exactly what we need). Such cheese is widely used in the preparation of sandwiches.
  4. One chicken egg is well beaten (I beat it with a whisk, but you can use a fork), you need to lubricate the rolls with a beaten egg, because if you do not oil it, they will burn during baking. Yes, and lubricated rolls are obtained with a delicate, golden crust - it's not only beautiful, but also divinely delicious.
  5. Now we start to form an appetizing snack: take one slice of dough, place a piece of cheese, ham on top and roll the dough stuffed with rolls.
  6. Cover the pan with baking paper and lay out more rolls.
  7. Using a silicone brush, lubricate the rolls with a beaten egg (if you do not have a brush near your hand, you can lubricate with a teaspoon, but with a brush, of course, it is more convenient and better).
  8. Place the baking sheet in the oven for 18 minutes at a temperature of 200 degrees (watch the baking time in the oven, it takes me 15 minutes to get out of the oven when the cheese begins to melt and the dough turns a little golden, then the baking tray with snacks should be taken out of the oven).

Divinely aromatic, hot roll with ham and cheese just melts in the mouth. I want to add from myself that I make such rolls sometimes with sausage, too, it turns out very tasty (if you cook with sausage, then sausage is best used boiled). Show your imagination and creativity, and come up with your own stuffing for a snack. And most importantly, do not be afraid to experiment: try to replace some of the ingredients with others. But for me this option of cooking snacks is the best.


Such a treat will appeal to both an adult and a small one.

I share the recipe for making delicious and quick snacks on the table on the portal "I love to cook." Come in more often, I have many more interesting for you.

For more details about cooking light, hot snacks from puff pastry, baked in the oven, you can look at the video

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