How to freeze dill for the winter

How to freeze dill for the winter

The young dill is now in the juice itself: it's time to think about the preparation for the winter - and freeze it! There are different ways of harvesting: drying, canning, but freezing is the most reliable way to preserve useful properties, vitamins and trace elements. But here there are some nuances: from how correctly the herbs are prepared, its taste and useful qualities will depend. Therefore, on "Very tasty" I want to tell you the proven way how to quickly, simply and practically prepare dill: and at the same time keep it as useful and tasty as possible. Join now!


  • greens of dill;
  • plastic cups, molds for freezing.

How to freeze dill for the winter. Step-by-step recipe

  1. For freezing, it is best to take young fennel: until the moment when he releases his umbrella and blossoms. In this form it is softer and tasty.
  2. We soak the greens in cool water and leave to lie down for 15-20 minutes.
  3. After rinsing, we remove possible admixtures of other plants, rods and so on.
  4. We lay out on a towel and slightly dry it.
  5. Before shredding in a blender, we cut the bunches of dill 2-3 centimeters long and add it to the whipping bowl. This is to ensure that during whipping, it is evenly chopped.
  6. Beat the blender to the state of small crumbs. But do not overdo it so that the greens do not let the juice in, and you can not get a gruel.
  7. As the molds for freezing, you can use plastic cups, yogurt molds, or make mini cubes in ice molds.
  8. Shredded dill densely in the prepared molds, each mold is covered with a small piece of food film and sent to the freezer for a day.
  9. Tip: if you have a freezer that supports a temperature of 18 degrees, then it's better to use it for freezing. Since fast, shock freezing, more useful vitamins and trace elements are retained.
  10. Frozen greenery we try to quickly remove from the molds (it is convenient to do this by pressing on the bottom of the mold), we pack in 3-5 polyethylene bags and send them back to the freezer. Try to keep the fennel from starting to defrost, as the properties of all products are lost during defrosting and re-freezing. It is best to initially get small molds with greens in small batches in order to avoid their defrosting.


  1. Frozen green fennel can be stored for up to 1 year (before the new harvest) in a tightly closed plastic container or plastic bag, so that it does not get aired in the freezer.
  2. It is best to keep it packaged in small portions so that when you get out of the freezer, do not expose excess weight to warm air.
  3. Use frozen greens without prior thawing.

In winter, use frozen dill in this form is very convenient: you can, without staining your hands, throw one such bar (or half of it) into the soup. And the taste and aroma will be as if you were using greens that had just been torn from the garden. In addition, the dishes look very nice such a small dill. Join us on "Very tasty", follow our recipes - and do not miss the season of harvesting greens, vegetables and fruits for the winter. Bon Appetit!

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