Fresh cucumbers in a jar for the winter

Fresh cucumbers in a jar for the winter

I want to tell you how to keep fresh cucumbers in the bank for the winter. This is not a recipe for canned or pickled cucumbers. We will close them in a jar with fresh ones, and open in the winter fresh cucumbers. It's amazing, but true, and for decades now this recipe exists!


  • Cucumbers;
  • candle.

Step-by-step recipe for fresh cucumbers in a jar for the winter

  1. Cucumbers must be strong, intact, without damage.
  2. Cucumbers to wash well, leave to water the glass, you can put them on a towel to dry better.
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  4. Cucumbers DO NOT soak.
  5. Carefully pack the cucumbers in a sterilized DRY jar, not up to the top.
  6. Now take the candle, the main thing is that it has no fragrance. It is better to take a paraffin or church candle.
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  8. Put the candle in the jar on the cucumber and light it up. Let the candle burn in a can for 8-10 minutes without closing it with a lid.
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  10. Now, when the specified time has passed, you need to roll up the jar with a lid, But watch that the candle does not die out at the same time.
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  12. It will need to burn when you clog the lid.
  13. The candle will then fade when oxygen is released from the can.
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It's very simple and fast! They are stored in the cellar, but can be stored at room temperature, I have not tried.


Fresh cucumbers in the bank for the winter are obtained as if they had just come from the garden, green and crispy.

Delicious food to you, and a pleasant appetite!

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