Fast pie with spinach

Fast pie with spinach

In summer, we often have a quick pie with spinach on our table, which is very easy to prepare, but, nevertheless, I already found my fans among the members of my family. The cake with spinach and paneer turns out very tasty, has a fine golden crust, a delicate cheese filling with a juicy green spinach. In addition, such a pie is very useful: after all, spinach, still in the cartoon, said the sailor Papay. So, take this miracle potion - spinach: and get ready to cook with me.


For the test:

  • whole-grain flour - 300-500 grams;
  • sour cream - 100 milliliters;
  • butter - 150 grams;
  • salt - pinch.

For filling:

  • panier or cheese "Adyghe" - 200-300 grams;
  • turmeric - 1 tea house;
  • sour cream fat - 300-400 milliliters;
  • salt - to taste;
  • black ground pepper - to taste.

Fast pie with spinach. Step-by-step recipe

  1. We sift the flour, enrich it with oxygen, and transfer it into a deep container, in which we will knead the dough. A little podsalivayem.
  2. Soft butter is introduced into a bowl with flour and grinded into a crumb.
  3. Council. To prepare the pie with spinach, dough of various kinds is suitable: yeast, fresh and puff pastry.
  4. Add the sour cream to the dough and mix well. The fat content of sour cream does not matter.
  5. We round off the finished mixed dough, cover with a towel and put it in a cold place for half an hour.
  6. We prepare the filling for the pie with spinach and paneer. To do this, thoroughly wash and dry the leaves of spinach.
  7. We cut spinach two centimeters wide.
  8. Send the leaves of spinach to a dry, well-heated frying pan, and evaporate excess moisture from the leaves. If you use frozen spinach, then it takes more time for evaporation than for fresh spinach.
  9. We rub on a grater with large holes a panir, it's also a cheese "Adyghe".
  10. Fill paneer with sour cream: it is better to choose sour cream more fat.
  11. Season with black pepper, add turmeric and salt to taste. Note that the "Adyghe" cheese is not very salty, so the filling for the pie with paneer will need to be well seasoned.
  12. The dough must be cut into two parts: one piece must be slightly larger than the other. Most of the roll out and distribute on the surface of dishes for baking or baking. Make a few piercings to prevent the dough from swelling during baking.
  13. Council. The form or dish in which the cake will be baked can not be greased, since the test for home-made pie with cheese contains enough oil.
  14. Spread the spinach we put on the dough: you can sprinkle a little and season with spices: for example, ground pepper.
  15. Over the spinach lay the panier filling for the pie, and also properly level everything over the surface.
  16. Council. Since spinach does not have a pronounced flavor, you can add any products to it, which will create flavors. For example, when you let on spinach leaves, you can grind a few cloves of garlic. Or when you put the stuffing on the dough, you can add sweet Bulgarian pepper. A wonderful addition to spinach will be tomatoes and eggs. What else can be fillings for pies - find out on our site "I love to cook".
  17. Roll another piece of dough, which is smaller, and cover them with our spinach pie, cooked at home. The edges of the pie, figuratively tucked.
  18. The surface of the baking is smeared with sour cream. We make an incision in the form of a cross (or you can make several punctures with a fork). Punctures or cuts on pies are made to ensure that the top does not rise and is not deformed. And also, to leave extra steam from the filling: this is done when baking pies with sour milk cottage cheese.
  19. Council. In order to get a beautiful top, you need to smear the cake with sour cream, milk or beaten egg. Then the crust of the pie will be rosy and appetizing.
  20. Sprinkle the cake with sesame seeds and send it to bake for 45 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius, until it is ready

Prepare with our site "I love to cook": and all your baking will be unsurpassed - loved ones will appreciate your culinary skills.

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