Delicious lean salad

Delicious lean salad

Prepare a delicious lean salad without spending a lot of time and money on it - perhaps. A snack salad with potatoes and vegetables is useful, insanely appetizing and delicate. It will please everyone: from small to large. An excellent combination of all ingredients makes the salad taste divine. This dish with vegetables can be cooked for everyday food, as well as for a festive table. This is not only deliciously tasty, but also very useful.


  • potato;
  • salt;
  • ground black pepper;
  • pickled cucumbers;
  • marinated mushrooms;
  • sour cabbage;
  • bulb;
  • canned peas;
  • sugar;
  • unrefined vegetable oil;
  • fresh greens.

Salad with potatoes and vegetables. Step-by-step recipe

The number of ingredients depends on what portion of the lean salad you want to make, so you can independently increase or decrease the number of vegetables.

  1. Take a couple of potatoes, wash well, peel and cut into strips (but not very thin so that the potatoes do not fry during the frying).
  2. Frying pan with vegetable oil, warm well, put there potatoes cut into straws, add salt, black pepper and fry over medium heat, stirring constantly, until the potatoes are ready.
  3. One bulb (if you like when there is plenty in the onion salad, then take a couple of bulbs) peel off the husk and cut into thinly semicircles.
  4. For salad we need sauerkraut (I used sauerkraut with cumin, and you can take the one you have). But if you do not have sauerkraut and you do not know how to ferment it, you can find the recipe on our website. Of course, you can buy such a cabbage in any supermarket, but the home is much tastier.
  5. Salted cucumbers cut into half rings (I had pickled cucumbers in a jar of garlic, so there was a delicious garlic flavor in the cucumbers, or pickled). I really like when there are a lot of cucumbers in a salad, so I take a large cucumber.
  6. Marinated mushrooms cut (I have champignons, but for this salad you can use any pickled mushrooms .If mushrooms are small, do not cut them, let them be whole).
  7. With canned green peas to drain the juice.
  8. Now we will collect salad, but do not forget: the number of ingredients will depend on how many people you want to cook.
  9. In a salad bowl combine: cabbage, onions, cucumbers, mushrooms, green peas, fried potatoes, add salt to taste, a little sugar (in the salad there are acidic foods) and refill with oil. All good mix.
  10. Before serving, a salad of vegetables can be sprinkled with fresh chopped greens.

Tip: I would like to give you a little advice from myself. For example, in a salad you need pickled cucumbers and often it turns out: you open a jar, get one or a couple of cucumbers, and those cucumbers that remain in the bank to stand and not disappear, you need to top off with a little bit of mustard powder.

A porcelain salad with cabbage is ideal for a light breakfast, lunch or dinner. Simply and quickly a plate of cold starters will decorate your table and please your loved ones. This salad is unique in that if you do not have any one ingredient at a time, then do it safely without it. For example, I do not like green peas, but I like this salad very much, so I make salad quite often, but without peas.

I share the most delicious recipe for cooking a delicious vegetable salad on the portal "Very tasty". Come in more often: I have for you there are many more interesting things that will pleasantly surprise you and your relatives.

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