Delicate zucchini with cheese in the oven

Delicate zucchini with cheese in the oven

Do you like zucchini? Personally, I just adore them. Therefore, today I will cook delicious zucchini with cheese in the oven for dinner. You can not even imagine what a delicious, delicious and appetizing dish it is. And, zucchini with cheese are cooked so quickly that you do not even have time to blink an eye, as you have baked zucchini on your table. This dish can be served on the table in both cold and hot form. Zucchini, baked in the oven with cheese, can be a full-fledged independent dish. I ask everyone for me: to the kitchen.



  • zucchini - 6 pieces (1 kg);
  • nut spice - 1 teaspoon;
  • vegetable oil - 3 tablespoons;
  • granulated garlic - 0.5 teaspoon;
  • salt - a dessert spoon;
  • cheese - 100 grams.

Delicate zucchini with cheese in the oven. Step-by-step recipe

  1. To prepare this wonderful dish, get a young zucchini, with a delicate thin skin. In a ready dish, they will be very gentle, because we will not clean the squash from the peel. Zucchini should be properly washed and dried. At zucchini cut off the tips on both sides and cut them into thick slices: about 1.5 centimeters.
  2. Cut into zucchini slices in any deep enough container and fall asleep with salt. A few pinch will be enough. Mix the zucchini with salt so that they let the juice.
  3. Cheese, in our case "Mozzarella", but suitable for zucchini and cheese "Parmesan". So, cheese is three on a fine grater: it should look like a small vermicelli.
  4. Zucchini can be poured into a colander, which then put in a deep plate. Zucchini will salivate, and all excess liquid will flow into the plate.
  5. When the juice from the zucchini all come out, add a nut flavor to them. In principle, you can sprinkle any, your favorite seasoning. If desired, you can add garlic.
  6. Nut seasoning is a whole fragrant mixture, which includes garlic, necessarily fresh, paprika, chopped walnuts and dry greens: turmeric, coriander and basil. In principle, such a nutty seasoning can be cooked at home, or you can just go to the store and buy it there.
  7. After the seasoning, add the vegetable oil and mix well zucchini.
  8. To the zucchini you can add dried granulated garlic. Then in the finished form they will be even more fragrant. Zucchini once again stir.
  9. We take a glass form with high sides and pour zucchini there. Grease it with sunflower oil, as we already added it to the zucchini themselves.
  10. Vegetables spread on each other, in the randochek.
  11. Layed in a row zucchini top with cheese. Do this so that they are densely packed. Try to ensure that the cheese was not only on top, but between zucchini zucchini.
  12. We set the temperature of the oven to 160-180 degrees. We warm it up and send it zucchini.
  13. Bake zucchini we will be about 40 minutes, until ruddy. But, do not forget that all the ovens are different. Therefore, someone will have 40 minutes a lot to bake zucchini, and someone will need a lot more time.

That's all: now you know exactly how to prepare tender zucchini in the oven. Yes, I almost forgot: zucchini, baked in the oven with cheese, you can eat as a separate dish or as a garnish. And if you want to learn more recipes for cooking zucchini, as well as other summer vegetables, then be sure to check our website "Very tasty": there you will find many new, tasty and unexpected recipes. Bon Appetit!

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