Crispy light-salted cucumber

Crispy light-salted cucumber

Nature pleases with beautiful young green foliage, and looking at all this beauty, I remembered my favorite way of cooking crispy light-salted cucumbers. In our family, such cucumbers are loved by everyone without exception. According to this recipe, they turn out to be super crispy, firm, their rich green color remains. And taste! ... Mmm ... can not convey in words. This is something. Yes, under the shish kebab, under the potatoes. Well, I think you already understood that this recipe for crispy cucumbers should not be overlooked - in the summer it will be needed many, many times: it is checked repeatedly. Write it down!



  • fresh cucumbers - two kilograms;
  • greens of dill - one bunch;
  • garlic - one big head;
  • salt - two tablespoons without a slide.

Crispy light-salted cucumbers. Step-by-step recipe

  1. Two kilograms of fresh cucumbers washed with cold running water. We inspect for rot or other damage.
  2. We put them in a deep bowl or other container, pour on top with cold water (so that the water completely covers our cucumbers) and let us stand for one to two hours.
  3. Tip: for pickling cucumbers the important thing is choosing the cucumbers themselves. After all, a beautiful and delicious result, in the first place, depends on how you approach the choice of cucumbers when buying. On what it is necessary to pay attention: the size (it is better to choose small cucumbers of the correct form: no more than 15 centimeters in length), a peel (should be without damages, dark green color, elastic). A hilly surface with small spines indicates that there are fewer seeds in such cucumbers, and the flesh is denser and crispy, without voids. Such cucumbers are ideal candidates for our recipe. I also want to add that cucumbers grown in the open ground are much more fragrant and tastier than greenhouse cucumbers.
  4. A bunch of dill is washed with cold running water and cut it into a length of three to four centimeters (not finely).
  5. The head of garlic is disassembled into denticles, each of them is peeled of the husk. I always choose the head of garlic larger, because I like the tangible scent of garlic in a jar of cucumbers.
  6. While the cucumbers are soaked, you need to prepare the cans. According to this recipe, I get to fill two liter jars. The size and the number of cans you will pick yourself, because all have different grades and sizes of cucumbers. Each hostess can in different ways rambled into banks. BUT! The speed of eating these crispy light-salted cucumbers will be equally high for everyone. And after a couple of days you will be back to the preparation stage. Good to sterilize nothing!
  7. So, the cans are good and the bottom is spread out with dill.
  8. After two hours, drain the water from a bowl with cucumbers.
  9. We begin to put cucumber in a jar tightly, add a pair of cloves of fragrant garlic, and a little dill.
  10. Fill the jar with cucumbers to the top.
  11. Then add to each jar one tablespoon of salt without a slide (one tablespoon of cucumber is one tablespoon of salt without a slide).
  12. Fill up our cucumbers in the pot with steep boiling water, cover with a cap nylon and shake well.
  13. Then remove the lid and leave the jars with lightly salted cucumbers on the table for pickling them.
  14. After a day, our crispy light-salted cucumbers are completely ready for consumption.

Be sure to try to cook lightly salted cucumbers according to this recipe. Cucumbers always turn out delicious and crunchy, and in preparation there are no difficulties. These lightly salted cucumbers excellently increase appetite and perfectly complement any lunch or dinner. They are loved by both children and adults. The command "I love to cook" wishes you a pleasant appetite and sunny, harvesting on summer cucumbers. Now you know what to do with them!

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