Canned natural cherry without sugar

Canned natural cherry without sugar

Preserved cherries without sugar are absolutely safe for use by diabetics, it does not contain sugar. and it is also used for cooking dumplings, jam, various sauces, puree, jelly, compote and as a filling for pies. And how to preserve cherries without sugar, I will tell you in detail in this recipe.


  • Cherry.

On a can of 0.5 liters, you need 500-510 grams of cherries,


on a liter jar - 950-1100 grams.

Step-by-step recipe for canned cherries without sugar

  1. Remove the cherry stems from the cherry, select spoiled and wash well.
  2. Remove cherries from the cherry (this can be done with a special punching machine, or with a big pin).
  3. Cherries do not need to be filled with water, as they are filled with their own juice when they are densely packed.
  4. Fill the cans with prepared lids, put in a pan, where the water temperature is not more than 40 ° C and sterilize jars with a capacity of 0.5 liters - 15-18 minutes, liter cans - 18-20 minutes.
  5. After sterilization, the jars should immediately be capped and allowed to cool without wrapping.

A preserved cherry without sugar is ready. I wish you incredible creative culinary fantasies! A tselenkaya cherry with the scent of summer, will inspire you to many culinary creations!

Delicious food to you, and a pleasant appetite!

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