Black pearl salad

Black Pearl salad

"Black Pearl" salad is airy, seductively appetizing, tasty and beautiful. A very simple recipe for flaky salad is an original dish that will look very impressive on the festive table. Glad your relatives and guests with a nice and hearty dish - a salad with olives and cheese. You can not only deliciously feed, but also pleasantly surprise those present.

Let's see what we need for cooking.


  • hard cheese - 150 grams;
  • one jar of olives without pits;
  • mayonnaise - 300 grams;
  • salt to taste;
  • one chicken fillet;
  • walnuts - 50-80 grams;
  • three chicken eggs.

Black Pearl salad. Step-by-step recipe

  1. Prepare the salad "Black Pearl" starting with the meat component. We cut one boiled chicken fillet into small cubes (I use chicken meat and boil it in salted water with spices, but you can take pork and veal.) Any meat can be used for this salad.
  2. 100 grams of cheese for salad rubbed on a large grater.
  3. Peeled walnuts are ground with a blender (if the nuts are not very dry, then dry them a little in a dry frying pan).
  4. Three eggs are boiled in salted water, cleaned and rubbed on a large grater (good when the eggs are homemade - they are yellow and look amazing in a salad).
  5. We take a few olives (pieces 10) and finely chop them.
  6. When all the ingredients are prepared, you can begin to form a delicate and deliciously delicious dish.
  7. Salad we will form layers - on a beautiful flat dish.
  8. The first layer on the dish spreads finely chopped chicken, evenly distribute the meat throughout the surface of the dish and grease with mayonnaise.
  9. The second layer on the meat pour shredded walnuts.
  10. Finely chopped olives laid on the nuts and the top of the olives well missed with mayonnaise.
  11. The fourth layer evenly covered with grated cheese and make a mayonnaise mesh.

Tip: for a piquant taste on hard cheese you can rub a little smoked sausage cheese.

  1. On the cheese layer, we form the last layer of eggs (if desired, you can salt it a little) and thoroughly cover with mayonnaise.
  2. "Black pearl" salad with olives and chicken is ready and now we start to decorate the dish.
  3. The remaining hard cheese is rubbed on a medium grater and sprinkle the top of the salad; in the middle of the dish we spread olives.
  4. Send the salad with olives in the fridge to soak.

You can make a salad according to this recipe, not with boiled meat, but with a smoked chicken - it's amazingly delicious !!!

The original salad with olives and cheese will please you with its taste. Salad with chicken is not only delicious, but also useful. This dish is a frequent guest in our kitchen.

Come often to "I love to cook": we all incredibly appetizing and tempting delicious.

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