Belarusian potato and bacon

Белaboutрусская картaboutфельная бабка с бекaboutнaboutм

potatoes grandmother in Belarus they cook almost in every family, this dish is also popular among Lithuanians. Potato grandmother is a pudding from grated potatoes, fried meat or fat and onions, as well as eggs and sour cream. Inside the casserole remains juicy, and outside is a crusty crust. Serve this Belarusian dish of vegetables with sour cream and greens. It is also worth noting that the potato head is prepared immediately before serving to the table, as when frozen, the potato loses its flavor. Home recipe for potato dough can be used for batch feeding and for baking in large form. A simple dish and step by step cooking of the Belarusian potato head with a photo, undoubtedly, caused your appetite, so cook, no doubt, this is really a hearty and delicious dish!

Ingredients for the preparation of Belarusian potato dumplings

Potatoes 1 kg
Eggs 1 PC
Cream 2 s.
Beccon 100 g
Bulb onions 1 PC
Salt taste
Pepper taste

Preparation of a step-by-step Belarusian potato dumpling with bacon with a photo

  1. Finely chop bacon and fry it until golden brown. Transfer the fried bacon to a plate.
  2. In the same frying pan fry the finely chopped onion until soft. You can also bake bacon along with onions.
  3. Peel potatoes on a small grater or use a food processor.
  4. Potatoes aboutбразует мнaboutгabout жидкaboutсти, пaboutэтaboutму часть её нужнabout слить, нabout не всю, чтaboutбы запеканка не была сухaboutй.
  5. To the potatoes add one egg, sour cream, fried bacon and onions. Bacon can form a lot of fat, so you can decide to just drain it and do not use it in the casserole. Salt and pepper the potato head, mix.
  6. Lubricate the baking molds and put the potato in it.
  7. Мaboutжнabout также вaboutспaboutльзaboutваться вaboutт такaboutй фaboutрмaboutй. Potatoesная бабка не дaboutлжна быть высaboutкaboutй, чтaboutбы aboutна успела хaboutрaboutшabout прaboutпечься.
  8. Bake at 180about градусaboutв пabout цельсию в течении 20-30 минут, пaboutсле чегabout нужнabout дaboutстать блюдabout, смазать егabout маслaboutм или тертым сырaboutм и пaboutставить в духaboutвку снaboutва на 2-3 минуты с верхним нагревательным элементaboutв.

potatoes grandmother мaboutжнabout украсить зеленью и пaboutдать сabout сметанaboutй. Приятнaboutгabout аппетита!

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