Salad with sardines

Salad with sardines, corn and eggs

When a sardine bank appears in the house, immediately there is a desire to prepare from them something original. Sardines are well combined with boiled potatoes and carrots, just the jar of canned corn turned up - that's how the home recipe of this tasty, juicy salad appeared. I decided not to mix the ingredients with each other, but lay them neatly in layers. Corn in the upper layer looks very cheerful and cheerful, thereby perfectly decorating the salad. It can be served as a separate dish with bread, as I did. Also, such a fish-vegetable salad can be served on the festive table. To learn how to cook this dish at home, see Step-by-step preparation of salad with sardines, corn and eggs with a photo. The delicate and juicy taste of this dish will not leave you indifferent.

Ingredients for salad with sardines, corn and eggs

Sardines, canned 1 bank
Potatoes 3 pcs
Carrot 2-3 pcs
Onions or green onions 1 PC
Eggs 3 pcs
Canned corn 1 bank
Mayonnaise 100 g

Step-by-step preparation of salad with sardines, corn and eggs with a photo

  1. Boil eggs and vegetables until cooked, after it has cooled, clean.
  2. At the bottom of the plate lay the first layer of grated boiled potatoes, apply a grid of mayonnaise.
  3. Remember with a fork of sardines, mix them with finely chopped onions. I preliminarily poured the onions with hot water and vinegar for 10 minutes, so that it does not bitter and is slightly de-marinated. Although onions are not so important here, you can not put it on.
  4. Lay a layer of sardines on top of potatoes, grease with mayonnaise.
  5. Further evenly lay a layer of rubbed carrots, grease with mayonnaise.
  6. The next layer - boiled eggs, also grease them with mayonnaise. If you apply a mesh of mayonnaise, it will need less than if you smeared it with a spoon.
  7. Drain the corn from the liquid and lay it with the last layer. Decorate with fresh herbs, I only had arugula.
  8. After 10-15 minutes it can be served to the table, which we did. The salad came out tender and very appetizing.

Salad with sardines can be served in portions or in a common salad bowl, decorated with greens. Bon Appetit!

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