Red cabbage salad with nuts and apple

Red cabbage salad с орехами и яблоком

Red cabbage salad not only delicious, beautiful, but also very useful. Thanks to the fact that the cabbage in the salad is fresh and does not undergo heat treatment, it retains all the useful microelements. This cabbage is useful for those who watch their figure, because it has very few calories. Add the sweet and sour apple and a handful of walnuts to the salad and this dish can already be called a full-fledged medicine for the body. If you submit such a fresh salad to meat dishes, they will be better digested. But when choosing a dish, we are usually guided first of all by its taste qualities. So, the home recipe for salad from red cabbage is really delicious - cabbage is crispy, sweet, perfectly combined with apple and nuts. You can season salad with home-made mayonnaise, but with sour cream or unsweetened, natural yoghurt. Step-by-step preparation of salad from red cabbage with nuts and an apple with a photo be sure to be useful to you.


Ingredients for preparation of red cabbage salad

Red cabbage 300 g
Apples 1 PC
Walnuts 50 grams
Green onion 3-4 pen
Mayonnaise 1-2 sts.
Apple vinegar 25 ml
Salt taste

Step-by-step preparation of salad from red cabbage with nuts and an apple with a photo

  1. Peel the cabbage from the top leaves. Slice the cabbage with a harvester or knife as thin as possible, as it is a bit denser than the white cabbage.
  2. Cabbage pour a little apple cider vinegar and salt. Clean hands, take it, it will immediately become softer and even let the juice.
  3. Peel the walnuts. Cut the nucleoli into smaller pieces, you can walk on them with a rolling pin.
  4. Green onion wash from sand and dirt, cut also very finely.
  5. At an apple of acidic varieties, cut the peel, and then grate it. If there is a lemon, squeeze a little juice on the apple or immediately send it to the cabbage. There is already vinegar and the apple does not darken.
  6. Mix cabbage with onions, apples and nuts.
  7. Season the salad with red cabbage mayonnaise or sour cream, taste it.
  8. Salt and pepper if necessary. Before serving, put salad in a salad bowl.

Salad from cabbage is served to any second dishes from meat, for example, to a fry. Bon Appetit!

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