Cabbage salad with pumpkin seeds

Cabbage Salad with Pumpkin Seeds

Very tasty and useful salad with cabbage and pumpkin seeds recipe step by step with photo We offer you today. Cabbage is the most affordable ingredient for making a quick salad. Try to add to cabbage not only carrots and greens, but also pumpkin seeds. Thus, you will enrich the taste of salad and make it even more vitamin and useful. It is common knowledge that raw pumpkin seeds promote memory improvement, normalize blood sugar level and are an excellent antiparasitic agent. If you bought a pumpkin, do not throw out the seeds. Collect them in a colander, rinse under running water, separating from the fibers. Spread on a baking tray and dry, but do not fry. Thus, you can collect pumpkin seeds at home. Why not add these miracle seeds in home recipe for cabbage salad!! Such a fresh, crisp salad can be served to garnishes from potatoes and meat dishes.


Ingredients for cabbage salad with pumpkin seeds

Cabbage 0.5 kg
Carrot 1 PC
Seeds of pumpkin peeled 2 s.
Vinegar (lemon juice) 1 st.
Vegetable oil 2 s.
Sugar 1 tsp.
Salt taste
Black pepper taste
Dried herbs (fresh) taste

Step-by-step preparation of cabbage salad with pumpkin seeds with a photo

  1. Peel the cabbage from the top leaves, peel the carrots. Wash the vegetables.
  2. Chop the cabbage very finely. You can use shredding for vegetables electrical or manual.
  3. Cut cabbage into a container and salt. Remember it lightly with your hands, so it will become a little softer.
  4. Chop thin strips and carrots.
  5. Prepare a dressing for a salad. To do this, combine the vegetable oil, vinegar and sugar, beat whisk.
  6. Mix the shredded cabbage with carrots. Add the salad with fresh or dried herbs, for example, marjoram or dill.
  7. Add the salted peeled, raw pumpkin seeds.
  8. Pour the salad dressing, stir.
  9. Salad put in a salad bowl and garnish with herbs and pumpkin seeds.

Salad from cabbage is served to dishes of meat, fish dishes, as well as to any side dishes. Bon Appetit!

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