The most delicious cutlets in korean

The most delicious cutlets in Korean

Want to try the most delicious cutlets in Korean? Then you come here. Wonderful cutlets in Asian style are surprising not only for their bright appearance, but also for their excellent taste. Spicy stuffing with lots of vegetables - incredibly tasty, unusual and useful. How to cook cutlets in Korean and surprise everyone, without exception, is written below!



  • ground beef - 550 grams;
  • stalks of celery - 130 grams;
  • carrots - 130 grams;
  • mushroom (royal oyster mushroom) - 130 grams;
  • nuts ground (peanuts, cashews) - 50 grams;
  • garlic - 30 grams;
  • green onions - 20 grams;
  • corn starch - 20 grams;
  • sugar - 25 grams;
  • soy sauce - 3 tablespoons;
  • sesame oil - 1, 5 tablespoons;
  • Salt, pepper and flakes of chili pepper to your liking.

For the sauce we need:

  • water - 50 milliliters;
  • honey - 1 tablespoon;
  • soy sauce - 2 tablespoons;
  • sesame oil - half a tablespoon.

The most delicious cutlets in Korean. Step-by-step recipe

  1. Beef stuffing is sent to a deep bowl and we add ground nuts (leave a few ground nuts to decorate ready-made cutlets). In this recipe I use chopped cashew nuts, but also you can safely use peanuts.
  2. Then add crushed garlic, finely chopped green onions, sugar and starch (you can use corn or potato starch).
  3. Pour three tablespoons of soy sauce, sesame oil.
  4. Add to your taste freshly ground black pepper, salt (do not forget that the soy sauce is already salty) and a few flakes of chili pepper.
  5. All the ingredients are thoroughly mixed.
  6. Now prepare the sauce for homemade cutlets in Korean.
  7. In a small bowl we pour water, add honey, soy sauce, sesame oil and mix it with a spoon, so that honey dissolves. Done.
  8. Stalks of celery, carrots and mushrooms cut into length straws (rather brusochkami). Important! Brusochki vegetables should be lonely length and thickness - then cutlets will be very nice and neat look.
  9. Mushrooms can be replaced with daikon or radish.
  10. Preparation is finished, we begin to form cutlets.
  11. Hands slightly moistened with water, we collect from the bowl a small amount of minced meat, knead it into a cake. In the middle, put one piece of carrots, celery, mushrooms and wrap them in minced meat so that the edges of the vegetables are free, and the middle was wrapped in minced meat.
  12. Do not take much minced meat for one cutlet, it should not be thick.
  13. Thus, we form all cutlets.
  14. We put a frying pan on the stove, pour some vegetable oil into it and warm it up.
  15. On the heated frying pan spread the cutlets in Korean and fry them from all sides until the appearance of a uniform appetizing crust.
  16. If the frying pan does not put all the cutlets at once, then fry them in two stages.
  17. Cutlets are fried without covering the pan with a lid.
  18. Since in cutlets a thin layer of forcemeat, they are prepared very quickly.
  19. When homemade patties are fried in Korean in all directions - pour the sauce into the frying pan.
  20. Stew cutlets in sauce for about 10 minutes. Cutlets periodically turn over so that they are completely soaked in sauce. Do not cover the frying pan.
  21. Ready cutlets are removed from the fire and laid out on a plate.
  22. To beautifully arrange the cutlets in Korean style, you can put onions of green onions (or chives of onions) on the bottom of the plate, put the patties on it, pour it on the sauce (which was left in the frying pan) and sprinkle with ground nuts.
  23. Can be served to the table. Bon Appetit.

You can eat such wonderful cutlets in Korean with soy sauce or any other that you like. Cook the patties in Korean at home, and enjoy their piquant taste. The site team "Very tasty" wishes you a pleasant appetite.      

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