Perfect pork steak in asian style

Perfect Pork Steak in Asian Style

With a little effort you can cook in your kitchen a real masterpiece of high cuisine cuisine - the perfect steak from pork in Asian style. This dish can not be called just a pork steak, it is both amazing and original in the pitch. Each piece of steak in combination with a spinach-cream sauce takes you to Asian countries. Recipe - just a find for lovers of juicy pork steaks, it uses the original ingredients that are inherent in many Asian cuisine. I'm sure you will have a desire to cook a steak with us. Pleasure yourself, loved ones or guests. Write down the same recipe yourself in a notebook, so as not to lose.


  • pork steaks (from the neck) - 2 pieces of 250 grams each;
  • the stem of lemongrass (lemon sorghum) - 1 piece;
  • fresh ginger - 5 grams, if there is no lemon sorghum, add ginger a little more;
  • vegetable oil for frying.

For marinade:

  • garlic - 5-7 denticles;
  • fresh chili - depending on how much you like spicy dishes;
  • a pinch of salt;
  • sugar white sand - 2 tablespoons;
  • fish sauce - 2 tablespoons;
  • soy sauce classic - 3 tablespoons;
  • Teriyaki sauce - 2 tablespoons.

For sauce:

  • fresh spinach (or frozen) - 70 grams;
  • cream of 20% fat content - 250-300 milliliters;
  • 2 cloves garlic;
  • pepper, salt - according to your taste.

Perfect steak from pork in Asian style. Step-by-step recipe

  1. To begin it is necessary from a choice of a correct piece of a pork steak (from a collar). Meat must be necessarily fresh, properly cut for the stack (across the fibers), the weight of each piece of steak should be about 250 grams. Mine each piece under running water and wipe off the water. We put it into a clean and deep glass bowl, and we will pickle the meat in it.
  2. Prepare a marinade for pork steaks. For this we need a mortar. If there is no mortar, replace it with a blender.
  3. Prepare the garlic. We will clean the cloves of garlic and cut each tooth in half. We'll get the center (core), we will not need it. We send halves of garlic to a mortar. Cut off fresh chili peppers a few slices - how much to your taste will be enough to give the meat spicy. Then add a little bit of salt in the mortar (pinch) and begin to grind. The same is done in a blender.
  4. After the pepper and garlic are ground, add two tablespoons of sugar, two tablespoons of fish sauce. If you do not have it, then just do not add anything in its place. Then three tablespoons of soy sauce and two tablespoons teriyaki sauce (Teriyaki). Mix well with a spoon. Marinade is ready for meat.
  5. On the cutting board, cut the fresh ginger root with thin slices.
  6. Now you need to finely chop lemon grass. We cut it into small thin plates. If you did not manage to get a lemon sorghum, it's worth adding a little more fresh ginger to the marinade instead.
  7. Now you need to combine all the ingredients and marinade, then add to the meat. It is best to wear disposable gloves (as chili peppers on the skin) and mix the two meat steaks in the marinade. Properly soak the meat from all sides. Further meat should lie for at least 3-4 hours (and preferably 10 hours). Cover the bowl with food film and send it to the refrigerator.
  8. Meat should not be immediately sent to a frying pan, as soon as we get it, it should stand on the table and become room temperature. When the meat is fried it will become soft and juicy. In the meantime, I recommend preparing a tasty sauce with spinach.
  9. To do this, we take fresh spinach and thoroughly wash it. Fresh spinach can also be replaced with frozen spinach. Then cut into small pieces and sent to a blender. We grind it.
  10. To crushed spinach, add cream and whisk again.
  11. Then we take a small saucepan. We pour the creamy spinach mass. This mixture we need to bring to a boil, but do not cook. Also, we salt and pepper to taste. When the sauce is removed from the fire, add the garlic. We rub it on a fine grater.
  12. Now start to fry steaks. We take the grill. If you do not have such a frying pan, take one with a thick bottom. Pour a little vegetable oil.
  13. On a well-heated frying pan lay the steaks (from ourselves) and fry on high heat.
  14. Now a very important moment in the preparation of steaks: we need to press them down during the frying season. To do this, we take a piece of foil that can cover the frying pan. Also, you need a pot of water that can fit on the steaks and create a press.
  15. After putting the steaks in a frying pan on a large fire, fry it for about two minutes. Then reduce the fire and fry another couple of minutes.
  16. After that, we remove the press and foil and turn the meat over to the other side. Then put the foil and press again. We increase the fire to a large one and fry for about two minutes. After that, also reduce it and cook the meat for a couple of minutes.
  17. Ready meat is shifted from the frying pan to the grate. Under the grill we put a plate where the extra juice from it will drip. Steaks should lie down so little.
  18. We shift to the dish. Pour a little sauce. The rest of the sauce is served in a saucer.

As a result, you get very juicy, soft, beautiful meat. A stunning scent from a spicy marinade and a very tasty sauce perfectly complement each other. Prepare for pleasure, and our site "Very tasty" is always glad to help you in finding wonderful recipes. We wish you a pleasant appetite!

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