Perfect chicken cutlets

Perfect chicken cutlets

Yesterday I cooked patties for a new recipe for lunch. And believe me, it turned out the most ideal chicken cutlets, from which it was simply impossible to come off. The recipe for chicken cutlets is so simple, so quick that you can say: the cutlets are prepared on their own. And, of course, bribes the fact that chicken cutlets are cooked at home, and not semi-finished products bought in the store. Believe me, meatballs on this recipe are so delicious, they want to eat and eat. These cutlets are different from the usual cutlets because they do not have any bread or potatoes. So I decided to share the best recipe for chicken cutlets with you. Write down the recipe, buy the necessary products - and cook with pleasure.



  • minced meat from chicken breasts - 1 kilogram;
  • cream 11-35% fat content - 100 milliliters;
  • egg chicken - 1 piece;
  • fresh herbs - 1 bunch;
  • pepper black peas - to taste;
  • sunflower oil - for frying cutlets;
  • salt - 3 small pinches (to taste).

Ideal chicken cutlets. Step-by-step recipe

  1. Chicken my fillet, dry it and cut off white film from it. We pass the chicken meat through the meat grinder so that we can make minced meat.
  2. According to my recipe, the onion is not added to the minced meat, but if you really can not do without it, you can add a small onion.
  3. In the stuffing we drive a chicken egg.
  4. My greens and cut small-finely. From greenery, parsley, cilantro and basil are best for our cutlets. You can cut all three types of greenery at once, but you can stop at one. But do not use fennel in cooking: it will not give a very good taste to the prepared dish.
  5. Greens cut and send it to the chicken forcemeat.
  6. Next to the greens in the mince we add cream. Milk for this recipe is not suitable.
  7. Salt stuffing, generously sprinkling it with salt. But do not overdo it: salted cutlets will not taste good.
  8. Pepper peas in a mortar to a small state and take a good pinch, pepper minced.
  9. Stuffing is well mixed by hand. It turns out to be gentle, so do not use a spoon or spatula while stirring: just knead it with your hand.
  10. Frying pan on the stove, warm it and pour sunflower oil, if you want, you can use olive. Oils pour very slightly, cutlets should not float in fat. If it is necessary, it is better then you will add more.
  11. Pour cold water into the bowl, a little. In it, we will dip our hands during the modeling of cutlets, so that they do not stick to mincemeat.
  12. We make minced meatballs out of minced meat. In this recipe, there are no mandatory rules, which should be the shape of the cutlet. Want, mold oblong, and want - round. And the size of the cutlet also depends on your desire.
  13. Cutlets put in a hot pan and fry until a ruddy crust: about 3-4 minutes - it all depends on your plate. Then turn and fry on the other side.
  14. Ready cutlets cut from a frying pan into a saucepan and immediately covered with a lid. We do this specifically: in order that under the lid they reach the full state of readiness.
  15. So fry all the other cutlets. You see how they turned out tender, juicy, airy. Chicken cutlets just melt in the mouth.

Homemade chicken cutlets are ready - and now they can be served to the table. Ideally, they combine balsamic sauce, but the mashed potatoes will also suit perfectly. Eat them hot, eat them cold, with garnish or without - they will still remain tasty and most ideal. And we spent quite a bit of time preparing them. Be sure to visit our site "Very tasty": on it you will find not only recipes of cutlets, but also side dishes, soups, desserts - and much, much more. Bon Appetit!

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