Onion cutlets with a manga

Onion cutlets with a manga

I want to share a wonderful recipe for onion dishes called: onion patties with a manga. You should be pleased with this miracle recipe: after all, for those who do not eat meat, onion patties in tomato sauce - just a godsend. Cutlets from onions are very tender, and many who try them for the first time do not always guess what they are made of: they taste like meat, but they do not have a gram of meat. So it happened with my husband: he could not figure out what they were from, but asked me to cook them for him every day.



  • croup of semolina - 100 grams;
  • onions - 0.5 kg;
  • tomato juice - 1.5 cups;
  • 3 cloves garlic;
  • eggs of chicken - 2 pieces;
  • pepper, salt, turmeric - according to your taste;
  • vegetable oil for frying.

Onion cutlets with a manga. Step-by-step recipe

  1. Let's start with the onion. Let's cut it as small as possible. Take a deep bowl: in it we will mix the mass. Mix the onion with a manga, drive two eggs and three on a small grater garlic. All this is mixed, add salt and pepper to taste. In the recipe, there is no flour: for piquancy and color (yellowish), it is possible to add 0.5 teaspoon of turmeric. Leave for a couple of minutes: let the manke swell. We do not need flour, so we'll give the manke time to absorb excess moisture and juice.
  2. It's time to make a frying pan, pour in the sunflower oil and warm it up. Having moistened your hands, we make cutlets of the forms that you prefer. Fry the cutlets without meat from two sides to a golden crust. To roast it is not necessary: ​​it is enough, that cutlets kept the form. We put it into the saucepan.
  3. After the last cutlet was fried, pour tomato juice into the frying pan. We give him a little warm up and pour our vegetarian cutlets in a saucepan.

It is not necessary to pour tomato juice into a sauté pan, as the ingredients should be almost the same temperature.

  1. Cover with a lid and leave to simmer for 15 minutes on a small fire. If it turned out that you do not have tomato juice - no problem. It can be replaced with either tomato sauce or ketchup. Only first dilute them with boiled water to the required consistency.
  2. At the end of cooking, throw a bay leaf into the pan - it will add fragrance to cutlets. Cutlets from onions are ready.

Delicious vegetable cutlets are served with buckwheat, rice or mashed potatoes. They are so tender and mouth-watering that they simply melt in the mouth. Onions for cutlets can be used both old and young. You can also cook cutlets with different fillings. If, for example, you do not have the required amount of manga, add flour - this will not affect the final result. Therefore, you can cook all year round. The dish has many advantages: availability, budget and simplicity. Cook together with "I love to cook": we will always offer you only the most delicious and useful.

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