How fast and delicious to fry the liver

How fast and delicious to fry the liver

The expected does not always come out. It happens with such inspiration roast the liver, in the hope of delicious food and feed loved ones. And in the end you get tough, straight rubber pieces, which are a little cooled down, immediately turn into dry and oak. All the mood is spoiled. Today, together with "Very tasty", we will learn to taste deliciously the liver, tell you how many minutes it needs to be cooked, so that it remains juicy and soft.



  • liver (you can use any liver: beef, pork, chicken) - 500 grams;
  • onion - 1-2 pieces;
  • salt - 1 teaspoon;
  • flour - 5-6 tablespoons;
  • sunflower oil for frying.

How quick and delicious to fry the liver. Step-by-step recipe

  1. Peel onion and cut into rings of medium thickness. We divide the rings, put them in a frying pan with vegetable oil and put them on the fire.
  2. Liver wash, dry with a paper towel, cut into thin slices, about 1 centimeter thick. Remove the ducts. You can use any liver (beef, pork, chicken).
  3. Mix the flour with salt.
  4. The liver is properly poured in flour, lightly shakes off excess flour and spreads on a heated pan with onions.
  5. Reduce fire to medium, if necessary, add vegetable oil.
  6. After 1-1.5 minutes turn the liver over to the other side. Due to the fact that the pieces are in onions, and not in the pan, they will not burn and soak in delicious, fragrant vapors.
  7. Fry until cooked (on the pieces will not show through the blood), mix everything together with the onions and stand for 15-20 seconds.

The roasted liver is ready! It turned out tender, juicy, soft, not burnt. Note that the less you fry the liver, the tastier and softer it turns out. For all we have about 2-3 minutes. Willingness is determined by the lack of blood, you can pierce a piece and see if blood does not come, then everything is ready. The main thing - do not overexpose! Such a liver will please everyone, believe me! "Very tasty" wishes you a pleasant appetite! And be sure to try to make a roll from the liver "Everyone is asking for supplements" and liver pancakes.

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