Canachas in pots

Canachas in pots

In my family everyone loves meat. And so, a few days ago, I received a recipe for a classic chanaha in pots. But, unfortunately, there was no fresh lamb in my market, and I ventured to take beef. Chanakhi from beef turned out so tasty, that now this dish I will cook very often. You open the lid, and from the pot fragrant delicious aroma of stew, with vegetables and spices. You type a spoon: one, the second - very tasty! Classroom step-by-step recipe for cooking chanakhi in an oven in Georgian, spread out below. Behind me!



  • beef meat (pulp) - 600 grams;
  • fat mutton - 50 grams;
  • potatoes (medium) - 4 pieces;
  • eggplant - 200 grams;
  • onion (medium) - 4 pieces;
  • fresh tomato - 2 pieces;
  • tomato juice - 600-800 milliliters;
  • parsley fresh - 1 bunch;
  • coriander fresh - 1 bunch;
  • hot pepper - according to your taste;
  • seasoning hops-suneli - to your liking;
  • salt - to your liking.

Chanakhi in the pots. Step-by-step recipe

  1. Eggplants are mine, cut off the stem, the opposite tip, and cut them into small cubes.
  2. We put it in a deep bowl, a little bit of salt, pour water and let it stand for a while (10 - 15 minutes), so that bitterness comes out.
  3. Meat (beef) cut into small pieces.
  4. Lamb fat is also finely chopped. At me the fat is stored in the freezing chamber: frozen fat can be grated.
  5. Meat and mutton fat is mixed together in one bowl.
  6. We clear the onion from the husks, mine and cut into rings.
  7. We clean potatoes, wash and cut into small pieces.
  8. Fresh tomatoes are good for washing and cut into small pieces.
  9. Now that all the vegetables and meat have been prepared, you can start collecting chanakh in pots.
  10. The name of the recipe speaks for itself. This delicious chanakhi we will cook in ceramic (clay) pots with a lid. And the ingredients will be laid out in layers in each pot. Another feature of cooking chanakha in Georgian is that all the products need to be compacted in a pot tightly, so that there is no free space. Thanks to this, the incomparable taste of the chanakha is obtained.
  11. At the bottom of each pot (I have four) put the meat mixed with mutton fat.
  12. To your liking, sprinkle meat with hot pepper and hops-suneli.
  13. The next layer is laid chopped potatoes.
  14. We add a little salt to each pot. Salt should be added orienting strictly to your taste, but do not forget that in tomato juice it is also available.
  15. With eggplant, drain the water, rinse them under running water (so the extra salt and bitterness go away), and put them in pots over the potatoes.
  16. Next, we put onions, pieces of fresh tomatoes.
  17. Then we put finely chopped parsley and cilantro.
  18. Lastly, fill the contents of our pots with tomato juice.
  19. We close the pots with lids and send them to the preheated oven (up to 180-200 degrees) for 1-1.5 hours.
  20. Depending on the technical characteristics of your oven, the cooking time of the chanaha in tomato sauce may all vary. Therefore, I recommend the first 30-40 minutes to cook chanakh at a temperature of 200 degrees, and then slightly reduce the temperature to 170 - 160 and simmer another hour or more: until ready.

Finished beanah of beef slightly cool and served to the table directly in the pots, or poured into plates. But most of all I like to serve in pots - it's much more interesting. I hope that this recipe for a very delicious Georgian dish will appeal to you. The site team "Very tasty" wishes you a pleasant appetite.

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