Borovichki from eggs

Borovichki from eggs

On the table, such a lawn with borrows from eggs can not be overlooked. But in fact agree, what beauty, and thus also appetizing snack! The taste simply amazes, it would seem, here it is - the perfection of taste and aroma. The best snacks are not found!



  • eggs of chicken - 5 pieces;
  • onion - 1 piece;
  • champignons - 100 grams;
  • vegetable oil for frying.

Borovichki from eggs. Step-by-step recipe

  1. Boil the eggs until done.
  2. Onions and champignons finely cut and fry in vegetable oil.
  3. Carefully cut off the tops of the eggs. Boil the tea leaves and boil for a few minutes in this brew top, they will acquire a beautiful brown color.
  4. Carefully remove the yolk from the boiled eggs, rub it together with onions and mushrooms.
  5. Stuff the eggs with the resulting minced meat, turn them side by side, and top them with caps from the tops.
  6. Put the mushrooms on a dish decorated with greens, so that there was a view of the lawn.

For borrows from eggs, you can use another stuffing, it can be sprats, just fried onions with eggs, boiled fish, etc. Believe me, such a dish on the table just will not go unnoticed. And be sure to please your relatives with a snack from eggs "Cheerful chickens" and fried eggs in Turkish.

Bon Appetit! Cook together with "I love to cook", everything is delicious!

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