Marmalade of quince

Such a quince preparation especially for children. Parents can in unlimited quantities offer this delicacy to their babies. Even adults will not give up a couple of pieces of marmalade from quince to tea. Prepare marmalade of quince with a recipe photo not difficult, it's harder not to eat it ahead of time. The most painful process - drying, when you have to wait the very moment when you can finally eat it. The marmalade is dried from 2 days to 2 weeks, depending on the desired result. And if you have a special dryer, this process can be accelerated. Ready marmalade of quince can be rolled in sugar or coconut shavings. And that the taste of marmalade was more original, you can add cloves, cinnamon, lemon juice, nuts, etc. into our preparation. Our simple home-made recipe for marmalade from quince help you cook this amazing dessert!

Ingredients for the preparation of marmalade from quince

Quince cleared 3 kg
Sugar 2 kg
Lemon 1 PC
Water 600 g
Cover 1/2 tsp.

Preparation step-by-step with a photo of marmalade from quince

  1. Wash the willow carefully.
  2. Cut into slices, remove the core, cut the cuticle, but do not discard.
  3. Pour the skin and the core of the quince (if it is not worm) with water and cook it for 15 minutes. Water it, it will be cooked quince. In the peel and heart, there is pectin, due to which the marmalade will be well congealed.
  4. In a pot with a thick bottom or kazanok, put a quince, pour the broth, add water if necessary. Also add juice from one lemon and rubbed peel. After boiling, simmer the quince for about 20 minutes. It should become soft.
  5. Using a submerged blender, crush the quince in a puree.
  6. Add sugar and cinnamon. The amount of sugar should be equal to quince puree.
  7. Cook the future marmalade from the quince for 1.5 - 2 hours with the lid open. Take care that marmalade does not burn, it is necessary to stir it all the time with a wooden spatula.
  8. Cover the pan with parchment paper and pour on it quince marmalade. Spread it evenly over the surface.
  9. Leave to dry the marmalade of quince for 2-7 days, not forgetting to turn it once a day. To do this, cover the marmalade with a sheet of parchment and turn over, remove the bottom sheet.
  10. After drying, cut the marmalade into pieces with a damp knife. You can leave more to dry pieces, and you can roll them in sugar or coconut shavings. Keep marmalade for up to 6 months.

Marmalade of quince is served for tea or coffee. This useful and tasty treat will replace any sweets from the store. Bon Appetit!

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