Apple mousse with a manga

Apple mousse with a manga

A dessert recipe for children at home should not only be tasty, but also useful. Young children are prone to allergies and their digestive system is not as developed to cope with high-calorie food, and also includes non-natural foods. Since children constantly ask for something tasty, of course you can not do without baking cupcakes, cookies or homemade ice cream for them. I offer a very interesting variant of a healthy dish for children on the basis of semolina and apples. And if you still decorate the homemade dessert recipe with fresh strawberries or even pour it with your favorite jam of your child, he will necessarily eat everything up to the last spoon and will ask for an additive. And all because Step-by-step preparation of apple mousse with a manga with a photo the best!


Ingredients for cooking apple mousse with semolina

Apples 300 g
Semolina 80g
Water 750 ml
Sugar 150g
Lemon acid pinch

Step-by-step preparation of apple mousse with a manga with a photo

  1. Apples сладких сортов очистите от кожицы и семян.
  2. Put the peeled apples in a saucepan and pour them with water.
  3. Put the apples on the fire for 15 minutes. Fire after a boil make slow.
  4. Using a submerged blender, grind the softened apples directly in the water. Or pour the broth, and the apples rub through the sieve, and then reconnect with the broth.
  5. Add sugar and citric acid.
  6. Put the syrup again on the fire and bring to a boil, pour in gradually semolina, while stirring constantly so that there is no lumps.
  7. Cook the semolina in the syrup for about 20 minutes.
  8. Cool the mass with a mixer to make it lush. Put the dessert in the fridge, it will cool and thicken.

Apple mousse sprinkle at will with grated chocolate and decorate with berries or fruits. Bon Appetit!

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