Preparation of the correct halva

Preparation of the correct halva

I'll tell you today about cooking the right halva. Now everyone can cook real, natural, without flour and extra additives, in less than an hour, useful and tasty halva. Home halva is one of my family's favorite treats. It is very tender - it can not be compared with the store.



  • purified sunflower kernels - 500 grams;
  • sugar sand - 250 grams;
  • water - 70 milliliters;
  • a vanillin sachet (1.5 grams) or an average vanilla stick;
  • a single egg protein.

Preparation of the correct halva. Step-by-step recipe

  1. The most important thing in cooking halva is sunflower seeds. Therefore, we start with them. In order for the seeds to have an expressive taste, we must fry them in a frying pan. It is best to use a cast-iron frying pan: after all, it is she who is able to uncover the amazing taste of the grain. If you do not have a cast iron - no problem, use the available one.
  2. To do this, put a frying pan on the stove, pour out all the seeds and use a wooden spatula to systematically mix. We make sure that nothing burns out. You need to fry about 15 minutes. With each minute you will notice how they change their color. The main secret when frying: fry the seeds only the first 10 minutes, then turn off the fire and another 5 minutes on the rest of the heat the seeds reach. A cast-iron frying pan keeps the heat very well: and that's enough to fry the seeds. When we are finished, we pour the whole bowl.
  3. Now you have to grind the seeds to mash. With this task, our faithful helper: a stationary blender (with a bowl) will miraculously cope. Do not try to try to grind everything with a submersible - you will not get anything done, and the technique will overheat. Be sure to bring the mass to homogeneity: it should look like a condensed milk.
  4. If you get too thick, add a couple of spoonfuls of sunflower oil tablets (do not take olive and others this time).
  5. We pour our fragrant mass into a deep bowl.
  6. Let's start preparing the syrup: for this we take sugar sugar and water. Pour out all the sugar in the saucepan and add water: do not mix anything. We put on a slow fire. We cook to a temperature of 121 * C or to the state of "caramel".
  7. To check the caramel's readiness, carefully take one drop and throw it into a glass with cold water. If she grabbed and turned out to be viscous, like a taffy, then everything is ready, that's exactly what we need. If the droplet dissolves and spreads out - then continue to cook more. But it may be that the droplet grasped like a candy - this means that you have digested sugar.
  8. Now take one protein and whisk it well until thick foam. It is not necessary to whip for a long time: after all, we do not prepare a protein cream.
  9. Now a little pour the hot syrup into the protein foam and continue to whisk thoroughly. For this process, we again need a stationary blender. Beat for a couple of minutes.
  10. After that, we transfer the whole bowl with the ground kernels of seeds. Then add vanillin and gently stir with a spoon. To stir too it is necessary correctly: from a bottom to lift weight and to pull upwards, as if you extend it. Then you lower the spoon into a bowl, again raise it and pull it out. The mass is very thick and stretches. In this way it quickly and correctly freezes: it will have more fibers and this gives it tenderness. To bring domestic halva to readiness, it must be transferred to any form you have. Then put in the refrigerator, at least 20 minutes, to freeze.

Here you absolutely independently fry the seeds to the desired state. All products are natural: and therefore halva can be absolutely calmly given to children. Is not it wonderful that you can cook such a simple and delicious halva at home?

Home correct halva of seeds - ready. Cut it into pieces and treat everyone: delight is provided. And you can experiment: try to cook halva with different seeds, nuts. "I love to cook" wishes you a sweet and pleasant appetite!

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