Ghee and non-stick emulsion for baking

Ghee and non-stick emulsion for baking

I remember how in my childhood my grandmother made melted butter. I decided to recall this process of making homemade melted butter and to realize it. Ghee is prepared from the usual creamy. It turns out very gentle, with a specific flavor. At home, it can be used instead of any vegetable oil. And the baking, cooked on such oil, turns out very friable.


  • butter - 500 grams.

Melted butter. Step-by-step recipe

  1. Before cooking, the oil should be removed from the refrigerator, so that it is slightly melted and softened. Butter must buy good, you can even home.
  2. Cut butter with small knife into small pieces and spread it into a saucepan. For this case, the pan should be taken with a non-stick coating.
  3. We heat oil over low heat. As soon as it boils, immediately reduce the fire and do not forget to stir it, otherwise the oil will burn.
  4. Light foam, which is formed on top of the oil, must be removed. The cooking time of the oil is 30 minutes.
  5. The oil became transparent, and the small white particles fell to the bottom, which means that oil can be filtered. The strainer is covered with gauze and strain the oil through it. To oil does not absorb the foreign smells, gauze with boiling water.

Here and so it is easy and easy to prepare homemade ghee. Keep it in the refrigerator under the closed lid, otherwise it can absorb unnecessary aromas and lose its natural taste. Be sure to remember this recipe and you can always cook delicious melted butter. Well, I, as always, invite you to the site "Very tasty" for delicious recipes.


Non-stick emulsion for baking

Many housewives face such a problem: baking sticks to the bottom and the sides of a baking tray or frying pan. I, too, is no exception, and therefore, rummaging in old records, found a recipe for an anti-stick emulsion for baking. Yes, it is a recipe, because we will do it ourselves, with our own hands. The non-stick emulsion will help you become a skillful hostess. After all, in the store you can not buy a tool for lubricating the form before baking.


  • 100 grams of melted butter;
  • 100 grams of flour;
  • 100 grams of any vegetable oil.

Non-stick emulsion for baking. Пошаговый рецепт

  1. First, remove the melted butter from the refrigerator and leave it for a couple of hours to warm to room temperature.
  2. Warm the warm oil in a blender or whipping bowl.
  3. Top flour and pour over with vegetable oil.
  4. For a few minutes we beat the contents to make it smooth and homogeneous.
  5. Emulsion is poured into a glass jar and stored in the refrigerator.

Thanks to the non-stick emulsion that we have prepared with our own hands, we will get delicious pastries that will not break and stick to the mold. And do not forget about the site "Very tasty", because in addition to different recipes, you can find a lot of useful tips.

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