Delicious chocolate roll with custard

Delicious chocolate roll with custard

Very soon my mom's birthday, and I decided to make a delicious chocolate roll with a custard - because she loves him so much! This stunning home-made roll will not leave anyone indifferent, and the taste is so perfect that you will not notice how to eat much more pieces than planned. And believe me - this indecent tasty dessert can be forgiven anything you want.



  • eggs - 3 pieces;
  • sugar - 80 grams;
  • cocoa - 20 grams;
  • flour - 60 grams;
  • powdered sugar;
  • butter (for lubrication).


  • eggs - 1 piece (yolk);
  • sugar - 40 grams;
  • milk - 150 milliliters;
  • flour - 15 grams;
  • chocolate - 45 grams;
  • Vanilla sugar - 4 grams;
  • butter - 100 grams.

For impregnation:

  • tea or coffee (with sugar) - 100 milliliters;
  • peanut nuts.


  • sugar - 4 tablespoons;
  • water - 30 milliliters;
  • sour cream - 2 tablespoons;
  • cocoa - 3 tablespoons;
  • butter - 60 grams;
  • gelatin - 1 teaspoon.

Delicious chocolate roll with custard. Step-by-step recipe

To begin with, we will prepare the custard cream for the roll.

  1. In one egg yolk, add vanilla and plain sugar.
  2. We beat the corolla to a white mass.
  3. To make the mixture liquid, add a little milk.
  4. Mix and add flour.
  5. Stir until homogeneous.
  6. The remaining milk is poured into a saucepan and heated to almost boil.
  7. Preheat milk in small portions pour into a mixture of yolks and stir to a white, homogeneous mass.
  8. We pour into the saucepan and cook until thick: about 5 minutes, stirring constantly with a whisk.
  9. Remove from the plate and add pieces of chocolate, stirring well so that the pieces melt. I used milk chocolate, but you can take both milk and bitter chocolate.
  10. We cover with a food film: it is necessary, that it densely adjoined to a cream.
  11. Leave to cool: the cream should be at room temperature.
  12. We take out the butter from the refrigerator and leave it to become room temperature too.

When the custard with butter will be the same temperature, you can start cooking biscuit.

  1. Cover the pan with parchment paper and make the skirts. Our biscuit should be about the size of about 29 by 30 centimeters: but not more.
  2. We grease the paper with butter.
  3. In the bowl, drive the eggs and put sugar.
  4. Advice: before driving eggs into a common bowl, it is better to drive them into a separate plate in order. Since a slightly spoiled egg can get caught, and to ensure that all eggs in the bowl do not deteriorate, it is better to be safe.
  5. Beat the mixer for about 13 minutes. The weight should increase threefold in volume, become white and magnificent, and on a surface there should be traces from a whisk.
  6. Mix the flour with cocoa.
  7. In several visits we sift it into beaten eggs.
  8. We mix thoroughly from bottom to top.
  9. At the end, add water and lightly mix.
  10. Dough lay on parchment paper and level.
  11. We put in the oven heated up to 180 degrees for 12 minutes.
  12. If the classic biscuit is baked on an average oven level, then the chocolate should be baked to a higher level. The most important thing is that the biscuit is not over-dried! Bake for no more than 13 minutes: if you are not sure about the readiness, then, as always, the toothpick will come to the rescue. If it's dry, then the baking is ready.
  13. The table is covered with parchment paper and sprinkled with sugar powder all around the perimeter. If there is no powder, then you can sprinkle with small sugar.
  14. In cold water soak a clean towel.
  15. Do not remove the paper from the biscuit, put it on powdered paper.
  16. Cover with a damp towel on top.
  17. Leave the chocolate biscuit to the full cooling (or for 20 minutes).
  18. Butter, room temperature and cut into pieces, put in a bowl, where we will whip.
  19. Beat for 7 minutes until light color and splendor.
  20. For one spoon, add the custard to the butter and continue whipping.
  21. The cream is put into the refrigerator.
  22. Cool the biscuit soaked with sweet coffee or tea. I prefer to soak coffee, since coffee notes are added to the main taste and it turns out to be incredibly delicious.
  23. We take out the chocolate custard from the refrigerator and put it on a biscuit. On the one hand the layer of cream should be thicker, and on the other - thinner, not reaching the edge by 2 centimeters.
  24. With the help of the bottom sheet of paper, turn off our delicious roll.
  25. We wrap the roll in the same parchment paper and put it in the refrigerator for 4 hours. While the roll is in the refrigerator, the custard becomes more dense.

While the roll with chocolate custard is cooling in the fridge, we are preparing the glaze. You can sprinkle a chocolate roll with powder or cocoa on top, but, in my opinion, the glaze turns out much tastier and brighter.

  1. We take gelatin and fill it with water.
  2. Fill and leave to swell.
  3. In a saucepan, we rinse the butter.
  4. Add sour cream, sugar and cocoa to it.
  5. Mix and place on the stove.
  6. Bring to a boil, stirring constantly.
  7. Remove from the plate and immediately add gelatin.
  8. Stir until homogeneous and leave to cool.

We return to our roll.

  1. We take the chocolate pastry from the refrigerator and cut it off a little from both sides to even.
  2. A flat plate is covered with parchment paper so that it can then be carefully pulled out.
  3. We shift the house roll from above and cover with a cooled glaze.
  4. From under the baking we take the parchment paper.
  5. From the top decorate with nuts: they must be pre-fried and chopped. For an hour, we remove the finished roll in the refrigerator.

Here we have prepared a roll with chocolate filling, which turned out with an incredibly rich taste of chocolate, sweet, but not cloying, and with a deliciously delicious cream. This delicacy can be prepared both for the arrival of guests, and simply on a typical day, to brighten it with a magnificent roll. Baking will give you a real pleasure, and your family will henceforth ask you to cook this masterpiece more often. "I love to cook" wants a most pleasant appetite!

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