Cake "napoleon" with custard recipe


On the Internet, newspapers and magazines very often you can find the recipe for the cake Napoleon. This cake is well known to me. When I was little, my mother often cooked it. The taste was simply terrific, even now when I remember, the saliva is directly flowing. Today, along with "Very tasty" I want to share the simplest recipe of a homemade Napoleon with a tender custard. Napoleon cake is ideal even for a young housewife.


for custard:

  • butter - 500 grams;
  • eggs - 4 pieces;
  • three glasses of milk;
  • sugar - 2.5 cups;
  • three tablespoons of flour.

for the test:

  • one egg;
  • margarine - 400 grams;
  • flour - 4.5 cups;
  • milk - one glass.

Cake "Napoleon" with custard. Step-by-step recipe

  1. Initially, we need to prepare a custard for the cake. To do this, take the eggs and mix well with sugar. I do it with a corolla. And you can use a mixer.
  2. Milk for the cream should be boiled and left to cool slightly.
  3. In the egg mixture add one tablespoon of milk and flour. All this must be well mixed.
  4. And only now we pour the remaining milk and put it on the fire. Cook, stirring until thick. Look, here is a very important point, the cream can not be brought to a boil, otherwise the egg in the cream can curl up.
  5. When the cream is removed from the fire, let it cool down.
  6. Butter for cream should be soft.
  7. A little warm cream rubbed with softened butter. I when I prepare such cream, the quantity of a butter I reduce, that the cream was not such fat. And look at the sugar, if you do not want very sweet, then you can add a little sugar.
  8. Margarine rubbed with flour. I always sift flour.
  9. Separately mix the egg, milk and a pinch of salt. This mixture is poured into margarine. Knead the dough.
  10. The dough that we received is divided into 10 equal parts and put in the refrigerator for half an hour.
  11. The cooled dough is thinly rolled out with a rolling pin and we form cakes of the same shape. I do this with the help of a plate or lid.
  12. Bake the biscuits in the oven at a temperature of 200 degrees until fully cooked. I bake the baking form with parchment, and bake the cakes until they turn into a light yellow color.
  13. Ready creams I grease with a cream.
  14. The cake is sent to the refrigerator to soak.

Give the guests a piece of Napoleon cake with a fragrant cup of coffee. I share this recipe with you on the portal "Very tasty". I have a lot of interesting things for you, for example, the Napoleon cake is the same recipe and the most delicious Napoleon.

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