Favorite recipes

How to cook tasty and useful, quick and easy recipes for main courses


Salad "florence" with ham

Virtually no one holiday is complete without a beautifully served salad. If the ingredients are not mixed, but laid out in layers, and even in a transparent dish or in the form of a cake, this will certainly ensure you, as a hostess, success. And if

Salad with sardines

When a sardine bank appears in the house, immediately there is a desire to prepare from them something original. Sardines are well combined with boiled potatoes and carrots, just the jar of canned corn turned up - that's how the home recipe of this


Cake broken glass with colored jelly and fruit on sour cream

This cake will become a "favorite" in your family! It is light, gentle, cooling, not at all heavy for the stomach. Cake, like a colored mosaic or a winter fairy tale, has the same varied and versatile taste. Home recipe can be even more diversified,

Apple mousse with a manga

A dessert recipe for children at home should not only be tasty, but also useful. Young children are prone to allergies and their digestive system is not as developed to cope with high-calorie food, and also includes non-natural foods. Since children

Bakery products

Stunned carrot muffins

Lovers of the original baking from not quite the usual ingredients, I suggest cooking awesome carrot muffins. Modern cooking knows no boundaries and for the preparation of desserts, vegetables are often used: for example, carrots. I could not

Fast cupcake on yogurt

If you, like me, like to pamper your loved ones with the motto "tasty, but quickly", then this recipe for a quick cupcake on yogurt is in your piggy bank. Ingredients: kefir - 0,5 liters; sugar - 400 grams; flour - 640 grams; butter softened - 200


Recipe of onion soup

Initially recipes of onion soups came to our kitchen from the south of Europe. The formula received special respect in France and Spain, because it contained budgetary ingredients. The most popular onion soup (the recipe is classic) entered the

Very tasty cheese soup with croutons

I want to share a quick and simple recipe for a very tasty cheese soup with croutons. Cheese soup - delicious and satisfying first course, which will be an excellent alternative to the usual soups and, undoubtedly, diversify your daily menu. One of

Main course

Zrazy potato. step-by-step recipe

How did I come up with the idea to make delicious potato zrazy, the step-by-step recipe of which I will introduce to you today? It is not always possible to calculate the monthly budget of the family, there are times when it is not thick in the

Puff pastry with meat in the oven

Surely many of you have already dealt with a puff pastry and pastry from it, I want to tell you how to prepare a puff pastry with meat in the oven. A stew made from stew will adorn your celebratory table in a wonderful way. I am sure that no man

Simple dish

Very tasty bean roll

It would seem that such a delicious can be prepared from a conventional bean? Many mistresses puzzle how to use beans, so that everyone ate. So - from beans you can make a delicious bean roll. Such an unusual appetizer for a long time will give you

Unparalleled hed of herring in korean

Dear friends, today I want to tell you how to cook an unmatched hed from herring in Korean. This piquant and unusual snack makes you look at the herring in a new way, and try it in a completely new way. It's tasty and original. And with a