Favorite recipes

How to cook tasty and useful, quick and easy recipes for main courses


Salad with crab sticks

With crab sticks, you can prepare a lot of delicious festive salads. Crab meat or sticks are perfectly combined with corn, eggs, cucumbers. In winter, when there are no fresh cucumbers, I add chopped white cabbage. She also gives the salad a

Chamomile salad with mushrooms

Chamomile salad with mushrooms, pineapple and cheese causes the most enthusiastic emotions and not only because he looks like a spring cheerful. Its taste is as original as its appearance. The richness of the taste is formed by juicy mushrooms, soft


Pancakes on milk thin with holes recipe

The preparation of pancakes is a whole art, and for inexperienced housewives this seems so overwhelming a task that they are afraid even to start their oven. How to cook properly pancakes with milkto make them thin and laced? After all, the more

Sweets "bounty" with coconut shavings and chocolate

Featured Chocolate sweets with coconut stuffing "Bounty" can be prepared at home. In this case, they will not contain harmful fillers, without which today almost no dessert from the shelves of the store. To make "Bounty" sweets at home, only natural

Bakery products

Chocolate mannik

One of the most budgetary and easy-to-prepare pies is the mannik. His taste comes from childhood. Let's fantasize and make a new note in the old recipe. I suggest you cook a chocolate mannik. The mannik will be lean, without eggs and milk. The

Homemade hairstyles

My favorite home cookies! Often I try to compare them with the purchased ones - and I'm more and more convinced that I did not meet tastier than those prepared at home. They turn out very fragrant, rather viscous, but at the same time and bite well,


Soup with meatballs

In the arsenal of recipes each housewife should be present soup with meatballs. And I will definitely teach you how to cook it. It would seem a simple soup, but I confess honestly, I learned not so long ago to cook it, everything with meatballs did

Potato soup with mushroom ears

Potato soup with mushrooms - tempting appetizing, hot, warming and original dish. Prepare delicious potato soup will be "excellent" even for a beginner hostess. Delicate mushrooms add a spicy note to the soup. A plate of mushroom yummy will please

Main course

Eggs in farce scottish

And here's another tasty option for a festive feast - eggs in minced meat in Scottish fashion. Everyone who has tried, ask me for a prescription. They are delightful! Spicy meat, still with the original filling, and on top a crusty crust - fingers

The best recipe

I want to tell you the best recipe, how to tasty and simply marinate meat for shish kebab. After all, there is an insane amount of marinade recipes, with all sorts of spices, herbs, sauces and additional ingredients. Personally for me, for example,

Simple dish

Extraordinarily tender charlotte with cabbage

Dough for charlottes with cabbage is so perfect and simple in cooking that you want to use it not only in cabbage pies, but also in sweet and meat! Today we still have a charlotte with cabbage - the recipe is very light, and the taste is amazing!

Delicious summer salad with eggplant

I love to cook delicious summer salads. I think that summer vitamins should be used as much as possible. Now I want to tell you a recipe for a simple, but very tasty summer salad with eggplant. It can be prepared for a family dinner as a side dish