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How to cook tasty and useful, quick and easy recipes for main courses


Cabbage salad with pumpkin seeds

Very tasty and useful salad with cabbage and pumpkin seeds recipe step by step with photo We offer you today. Cabbage is the most affordable ingredient for making a quick salad. Try to add to cabbage not only carrots and greens, but also pumpkin

Mushroom glade salad with ham and cheese

Having seen and tasted this salad, your guests will be pleasantly surprised! It's not just a snack - it's an edible meadow with real mushrooms, juicy and incredibly tasty. Salad is laid out in layers, and it can be done from the top down, as if on


Marmalade of quince

Such a quince preparation especially for children. Parents can in unlimited quantities offer this delicacy to their babies. Even adults will not give up a couple of pieces of marmalade from quince to tea. Prepare marmalade of quince with a recipe

Pancakes on milk thin with holes recipe

The preparation of pancakes is a whole art, and for inexperienced housewives this seems so overwhelming a task that they are afraid even to start their oven. How to cook properly pancakes with milkto make them thin and laced? After all, the more

Bakery products

The most simple apricot pie

For busy housewives the easiest and fastest apricot pie! You will have 7-10 minutes to prepare, and everything else will be done by the oven itself. Despite the fact that for its preparation you need a very small set of products that almost every

Nuts with condensed milk in hazelnut

Those same nuts with condensed milk in hazelnut from our childhood, beautiful, original and tasty, but unfortunately in the store is now not that quality, and expensive. And I want to dive into the taste of childhood and memories. If you have a


The recipe for delicious okroshki

Among all the cold soups special favor uses okroshka - I just have a recipe for tasty okroshki for you! The most revered among cold soups is the classic okroshka, the recipe of which includes all summer products from the garden. A significant part

Top-5 delicious soups

In the pages of a culinary magazine, newspaper or on the Internet, you can often find many recipes and methods of preparing various soups. Today I want to share with you the recipes of my family's favorite soups. They are very simple to prepare and,

Main course

Delicious sorcerers from potatoes with minced meat

Delicious sorcerers from potatoes with minced meat - this is a plush dish for lunch. Sorcerers from potatoes are very delicate. And if the stuffing serves spicy minced meat ... For ears do not drag! My capricious family slapped them instantly!

Fish baked in pita bread

Cooking is so diverse that there are many recipes for every taste, color and flavor. And since we are all very different, our desires are included as well. Fish in pita bread baked in the oven will not leave anyone indifferent. It's a great taste

Simple dish

Kutabs with cheese and spinach

Useful, very tasty and simple in cooking kutaby with greens in Azerbaijani - an excellent option for unsweetened baking for the whole family. Kutabs are thin tortillas with a filling, in the form of a crescent. Homemade kutubs with stuffing are

Salad with pekinese cabbage and feta cheese

Spicy salad with Pekinese cabbage and feta cheese entered the usual circle of favorite dishes from Greek cuisine. It has all the advantages of an independent dish, it has a peculiar taste. The acuteness of olives, spicy taste of vegetables ... All