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How to cook tasty and useful, quick and easy recipes for main courses


Prague salad with chicken and prunes

Salad of Prague - very easy to prepare, the ingredients used are the most affordable, and the taste is terrific. If it is worthy to decorate, it will take a place of honor and on the festive table. Skilfully selected ingredients perfectly harmonize

Chamomile salad with mushrooms

Chamomile salad with mushrooms, pineapple and cheese causes the most enthusiastic emotions and not only because he looks like a spring cheerful. Its taste is as original as its appearance. The richness of the taste is formed by juicy mushrooms, soft


Apple mousse with a manga

A dessert recipe for children at home should not only be tasty, but also useful. Young children are prone to allergies and their digestive system is not as developed to cope with high-calorie food, and also includes non-natural foods. Since children

Sweets "bounty" with coconut shavings and chocolate

Featured Chocolate sweets with coconut stuffing "Bounty" can be prepared at home. In this case, they will not contain harmful fillers, without which today almost no dessert from the shelves of the store. To make "Bounty" sweets at home, only natural

Bakery products

Buckwheat with cabbage. delicious lenten dishes

Since ancient times in Russia nutritious dishes from buckwheat have been coveted on a lean table: lean buckwheat with stewed cabbage - a recipe from the depths of centuries. And you can cook in the post fried buckwheat porridge with onions or

Recipe cream-brew

Today, along with "I Love to Cook" I want to tell you a very simple recipe for making a delicious cream-brule. Seductively appetizing creme brulee is one of the most famous French desserts, and it is quite possible to cook it at home. Such yummy


Unusual turkish soup with cucumbers

When I was on vacation, I tried an unusual Turkish soup with cucumbers, which was served in bowls to meat dishes. This soup was cold, with a refreshing taste of cucumber and mint, an interesting shade of garlic. It reminds something of our okroshka:

Vegetable soup

Unusually nourishing vegetable soups-mashed potatoes occupy a central place in the menu of restaurants. They have a presentable appearance and can decorate any celebration. Created variations on vegetable soup puree, the recipes of which covered

Main course

Super smokery cold smoked

Cold-smoked mackerel is one of the most useful fish for human health. It has a huge amount of minerals and vitamins. We eat fish of different kinds - fried, stewed. But the taste of cold-smoked mackerel does not compare with nothing. It's just a

Salo with spices

Such a fat with spices will fall in love even with someone who was never before his phantom! Gentle, not cloying piece of fat, with a fragrant crust, and under the salted cucumber! This is the limit of perfection. That's the truth I'm telling you,

Simple dish

Pickled onions with beets

Marinated onion with beets to herring, to potatoes, to the meat - it's always the way! When the onions are marinated with beets, o becomes pink, becoming less vigorous. Marinated onion with beets can be served as a side dish, a snack. It is so

Eggplants like mushrooms

A wonderful appetizer from eggplants, which resembles mushrooms with garlic. Eggplants are quickly prepared, they can be served and guests for the feast, and so eat with the homemade. All night and pickled eggplants are on your table. And tasty