Favorite recipes

How to cook tasty and useful, quick and easy recipes for main courses


Chamomile salad with mushrooms

Chamomile salad with mushrooms, pineapple and cheese causes the most enthusiastic emotions and not only because he looks like a spring cheerful. Its taste is as original as its appearance. The richness of the taste is formed by juicy mushrooms, soft

Salad garnet bracelet with tongue and prunes

Elegant dish for the holiday - Garnet Bracelet. He looks elegant and expensive on the table, and his taste is simply amazing! I propose to cook it with boiled tongue, it only benefits from this. You can also include in the home recipe Pomegranate


Chocolate sausage from cookies with condensed milk

Remind yourself "taste from childhood", prepare a real chocolate sausage with condensed milk according to the recipes of our grandmothers. Although desserts with such foreign names as capcake, tiramisu, cheesecake or klafuti are now becoming

Marmalade of quince

Such a quince preparation especially for children. Parents can in unlimited quantities offer this delicacy to their babies. Even adults will not give up a couple of pieces of marmalade from quince to tea. Prepare marmalade of quince with a recipe

Bakery products

Monastic hut with cherry

Such a tasty cake, like "Monastic Hut" with a juicy cherry and sour cream, you have not tried. The recipe for this cake I saw on the video in YouTube. Cake "Monastic Hut", cooked at home, very delicate and tasty, and most importantly - easy to

Magnificent caramel cake without baking

Do not you like to bake because you are not doing well, or is your oven always failing? Do not worry, right now in your kitchen I will reveal to you the secret of a magnificent caramel cake without baking. By the way, in our time pies without baking


Homemade green borsch

Stunned home green borsch, the secret of cooking which makes it incredibly tasty and fragrant. The thing is that the main secret of green borsch is double meat: turkey and tongue of beef or pork. An incredible mix that will reveal the taste of the

Borsch moscow

Baked borscht Moscow is traditionally cooked on beef with bones. Bouillon from this combination is obtained by a rich protein and the aroma of meat. In the classical preparation, beef ribs, rich in cartilage, were used. Pepper is the main

Main course

The most delicious vareniki with cottage cheese

Dear friends, I want to share my mom's signature recipe: the most delicious vareniki with cottage cheese. I've never seen such delicious and delicate dumplings. I remember only how, as a child, my mother will stick a hundred vareniki with cottage

Pepper stuffed with tofu cheese

I offer you a simple recipe - an alternative to French fried eggs. The nutritional value and flavor of this dish will not leave you indifferent. This is the perfect main course for serving breakfast and dinner. The original way of presentation makes

Simple dish

Jelly from raspberry "kiss of summer"

What can be tastier than jelly from a raspberry in house conditions? This is a delicious dessert that many people like. Jelly from raspberry for the winter, cooked according to this recipe, always turns out delicious, transparent, appetizing and

Very delicious eggplant salad with mayonnaise

A very delicious eggplant salad with mayonnaise was prepared for me by my grandmother. And I did not know that she has such a wonderful recipe. All somehow, she was cooking sautés, then rolls, then she simply roasted. But I could not even prepare a