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How to cook tasty and useful, quick and easy recipes for main courses


Salad garnet bracelet with tongue and prunes

Elegant dish for the holiday - Garnet Bracelet. He looks elegant and expensive on the table, and his taste is simply amazing! I propose to cook it with boiled tongue, it only benefits from this. You can also include in the home recipe Pomegranate

Salad "that's right!"

If there is cheese and smoked sausage in the salad, it means that it has already been successful. These products perfectly match with each other, and the mellow taste of tomato and the sharpness of garlic only add a salad of brightness and piquancy.


Sweets "bounty" with coconut shavings and chocolate

Featured Chocolate sweets with coconut stuffing "Bounty" can be prepared at home. In this case, they will not contain harmful fillers, without which today almost no dessert from the shelves of the store. To make "Bounty" sweets at home, only natural

Shortbread cookie with chocolate coating

Shortbread cookie with chocolate coating is eaten in an instant, and not because it is not enough, but because it is incredibly tasty! Light, airy, friable dough just melts in the mouth, and the glaze gives the liver not only a festive look, but

Bakery products

Cookies «coconut»

Once in my nearest store brought an unusual cookie "Coconut". It was made of coconut chips, and so fell in love with my family that I decided to learn how to cook just such a cookie, but all the recipes were absolutely not what they needed. For a

The best cake without baking

The taste of this cake is familiar to many from childhood: by slightly changing and adding a banana, we get a new recipe for a classic dessert - the best cake without baking. A cake with chocolate icing is very easy and quick to cook at home.


Very tasty bean soup with smoked meat

When it's cold and damp in the street, I cook a delicious bean soup with smoked meat for my family. His fragrance quickly disperse around the house, calling relatives for dinner: after all, they are waiting for a delicious, nutritious, slightly

Top-10 recipes for okroshki

Do you get used to the first dishes at lunch every day? Summer heat is crazy, and even the thoughts of a hot soup and a rich borsch cause a fits of stuffiness? Then okroshka is the best that you can cook. Useful thanks to the vegetables, nourishing

Main course

Stunning rolls of courgettes and chicken

Stunning rolls of courgettes and chicken are not only an incredibly beautiful snack, but also amazingly tasty. A wonderful treat will please you with a perfect tandem of spices and tender chicken fillet. They can be served with a hot and cold,

Fritters with an apple

These fritters with an apple are guaranteed to cheer up in the rainy or snowy season. Fast and tasty, they give a positive charge of energy, they are simply adored by children. Once the children came to visit my son, and I remembered this delicious

Simple dish

Amazing jam "strawberries in chocolate"

Munich recipe for cooking strawberry jam with chocolate. It is packed there in small beautiful jars and presented as a gift. I think we are no worse, and we can give our friends, colleagues, relatives such a magnificent dessert, and surprise

Very tasty carrots in korean

I discovered an original, very tasty and quick recipe for carrots in Korean. This is my mother's recipe, which I accidentally found in her cookbook. Now I make this salad just like that. The very highlight in an unusual marinade - it's cooked