Favorite recipes

How to cook tasty and useful, quick and easy recipes for main courses


Mushroom glade salad with ham and cheese

Having seen and tasted this salad, your guests will be pleasantly surprised! It's not just a snack - it's an edible meadow with real mushrooms, juicy and incredibly tasty. Salad is laid out in layers, and it can be done from the top down, as if on

Chamomile salad with mushrooms

Chamomile salad with mushrooms, pineapple and cheese causes the most enthusiastic emotions and not only because he looks like a spring cheerful. Its taste is as original as its appearance. The richness of the taste is formed by juicy mushrooms, soft


Fruit salad in a basket of chocolate

Cook very romantic and beautiful dessert of chocolate and fruits. I'll show you how easy and easy it is to make an edible basket and decor elements made of black and white chocolate. Fruit for a sweet salad will suit a wide variety, for example,

Apple mousse with a manga

A dessert recipe for children at home should not only be tasty, but also useful. Young children are prone to allergies and their digestive system is not as developed to cope with high-calorie food, and also includes non-natural foods. Since children

Bakery products

Taste of childhood

Probably, for each of us the classic recipe of oatmeal cookies will remind the taste of childhood. Sweet, crispy, with a pleasant taste of cinnamon and vanilla - and a beautiful baked crust. I propose to recall once again the real taste of childhood

Magic pink cake

The magic pink cake is divinely delicious and stunningly beautiful. Such sweetness can be easily and simply baked at home. Incredibly soft biscuit, with spicy impregnation, fragrant berries and a delicate pink cream is something. Seductively


Lenten soup with beans

Lovers of Russian borsch (foreigners call it compote of vegetables) I want to offer this recipe: lean borscht with beans. A dish of vegetarian cuisine, incredibly tasty and fragrant, will suit those who keep fasting. Lenten vegetarian borsch

The best uzbek shursa

Do you like to go out on weekends for picnics and cook in nature? Then, instead of traditional field porridge, prepare Uzbek shurpa, the best, most delicious Uzbek shurpa. Do you think that this is difficult? Ah, there you are. Especially for you, I

Main course

Incredibly delicious draniki

Incredibly delicious draniki with ruddy crispy crust are very fond of my children, and my husband just loves to eat them with meat sauce. A simple dish of potatoes is quickly prepared and does not require any special skills. Delicate and crispy

Homemade sausages

Frankly, the recipe is not mine, one good little man shared. These wonderful homemade sausages, which will love everything, she cooks for her children. But I'm sure, no one will give up such a tasty meal. Sausages can be cooked from different types

Simple dish

Cabbage salad

I adore this salad of cabbage, carrots and peppers with vinegar, I do it often, and moreover, at any time of the year. Cabbage with bell pepper and carrots is a wonderful combination of taste, a rich complex of vitamins, and a dressing of vinegar

Delicious salad with beef meat

I want some variety at the table: catch from me a recipe - a delicious salad with beef meat. Salad with beef, with the addition of vegetables, will like, even the most fastidious gourmet. And this simple salad of meat, you can serve as the main